Where/how to start next chapter?

I wanna get writing more on VATD, but idk where to start my next chapter, or what to do with it in general. Help?

Try outlining your story. That can definitely help you figure out what to do with the next chapter because often times, what happened in the previous one will help lead the character to what happens next.


I use notebooks to plan out my chapters.

Each character has a different story and your MC and LI are connected somewhere along the way before they actually meet, my MC and LI were connected by 2 people before they met and before they became an item.

You are better planning your characters lives and work out where, when and how they are ALL connected before starting to write the main part of your story.

for example my MC and LI met like this : Cierra (MC) had an epileptic fit and dropped her coffee down Nathan’s (LI) and he held her tight because he had no other choice, until she came back round, however before they met Cierra knows his mum and they both have a connection to a guy called Jackson who later in the book could be a problem to their current situation.

However, If I hadn’t planned that all out on paper in my notebooks, I wouldn’t know where each character would fit in properly and I’m now on the 5th chapter and handwriting the second draft of the book.


I also plan character arcs and interactions, and it definitely helps guide my plot / pacing.

I’d try out a few different chapter introductions if you’re feeling stuck on where to start the scene. You should try and cut directly to the next significant interaction, action item, or character development moment.

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That’s the easiest thing, planning a book is difficult :disappointed_relieved:

It’s always easiest if you plan out each characters part in the story before actually getting into the main story plot.


In general, a chapter is a scene, with a start and a middle and an end, just like a short story or an episode of a TV series, and if you want to make it awesome, try to end each chapter with a cliffhanger that makes your reader want to read the next chapter too (watch TV series, they are experts at this).

If a scene is rather long, cut it in two or three separate chapters, and find the right moment to do so (timing is a skill, you’ll learn it by doing it often and paying attention to it).

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