Where to offer Kindle ebooks as free promotions?

So I’m looking to self-publish a book this year. I’ll list it on Amazon, and I see that KDP offers 5 days of “free” book promotion (per 90 day KU period). But I’m wondering how readers will find out about it…

Do any of you have experience with using this promotion? Or what sites/strategies would you recommend to let people know about it?


Building up your author platform is so important. Whether it is on Wattpad, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media, you need an audience to speak to. Word of mouth is powerful and offering your book for free is a way for your readers to share your story with others. Also, don’t be afraid to hype it up. “Sept. 1st - 5th is your chance to download “Book Title” for free! See why readers are falling in love with this story.” Maybe throw a couple of great quotes from reviews in there. You need to have those reviews or offering your book for free to people you don’t know will not work. You have to sell them on reading not just buying.

I used newsletter services like BookDoggy, Book Raid and Fussy Librarian. They are cheap, but their readerships usually gives you a good return.

However, I stopped using free Kindle deals and go with the countdown instead by discounting the books down to $0.99 which I then promote with FB ads. I found that a lot of bargain hunters just download any free book and often don’t read it. The same goes with free Bookfunnel promotions to build your mailing list. A friend of mine did a survey and 60% of her subscribers never even read one of her books.

Otherwise, announce free promotions to your own mailing list, on all the social media platforms etc. There are authors that offer newsletter swaps which works if you find one in the same genre, however, you have to send their books out in return and some shy away from the opportunity unless you already have a sizable list.

Marketing is hard work and with only one book out, the payoff is limited. FB and Amazon ads can turn quickly into a money pit, so watch your budget closely. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks CrystalJJohnson and SallyMason1. Good advice!