Where were you born/where do you live now



we tell each other about where we were born, place a link if you’d like and include a few random facts can tell us where you ended up aswell
i’ll start
i was born on an island of Alaska called Afognak it’s basically a giant nature preserve with very few people
we have alot of bears and eagles
we imported fox’s so now they are all over the island aswell
here it is

looking forward to finding out about your various countries and places of birth


In a hospital.


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but was it the same country, town and time…
are you the same person and dont know it yet
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Well, there was not interesting about where or what time I was born I guess… my mom told me that the nurses found me cute and in lunch time, some nurses would gather to see me. One of the nurse had flu and she was sneezing. My mother was worried and yes I got ill. I stayed over a month there just because of that ill nurse and I was staying in a separate room the whole time. My parents had to wash their hands, and wear stuff almost like nurses wear to enter to see me.


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so not a C section,
thank you for contributing in your own way


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I was born in Greenville, South Carolina. But we moved two weeks after my birth and I’ve never been back since. xD

Otherwise, I’ve grown up travelling and haven’t stayed in a place longer than two years. In most places, we’ll move in under a year.

Although, the major places that I have grown up in would be various places in Ohio. I once lived in Hudson, Fairborn, and Lewis Center. I’ve also grown up in Colorado, particularly between Breckenridge, New Castle, and Colorado Springs. There’s Lancaster, California as well.

Of course, I’ve been other places, too, such as Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Vermont, and a few other places. But the ones I listed above were some of the ones I lived in for about a year or longer. :wink:

Fun fact about…

Fairborn, Ohio:

  • The city is kind of mixed with Dayton, which is home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (and museum). The Wright brothers were the first people who invented and flew the first successful airplane.

Breckenridge, Colorado:

  • The town is one of many tiny villages up in the mountains. There’s Frisco, Keystone, and Silverthorne. Each are about 20-30 minutes apart. The area is a huge tourist attraction during the winter. The areas can get at least 2-3 feet of snow if it becomes a “blizzard-like” occurrence. However, people from all over the world visit the mountains around those areas to snowboard and ski.


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Asheville, NC. My family moved to Sweden when I was five though so that’s where I’ve been since. I still visit my hometown yearly though.


If you don’t mind me asking why do you move around so much?


Are your parents Swedish?
Do you consider yourself Swedish having lived there so long ?


Cologne, Germany, in the University hospital.


My step-father is Swedish, but my biological father and mother are both American. Personally I feel like a hybrid of both. My grasp of the English language has always been stronger than my Swedish, although my level of understanding of both is about equal. As such, I feel I fit in better and more easier in the states but nonetheless I think I’ve gained a lot from both divides.