Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!


Well, I put this here, not sure where it should go, I mean, we can form a writing group! I would like to work with authors who write Mature stories, the more the merrier and the more Mature, well, no limit here really!

This writing group will work with us all swapping our stories, tips, perhaps even help each other edit or even have us pair up! Also, all you Mature readers, come on in! We’d love to hear what you all like and don’t like to read or what you want more of that you don’t see often in Mature stories here on Wattpad!

(Also, all genres welcome of course!)

Link to the AMFAH Book Club, Mature side:

We're All A Little Mad Here...



Everything I write is mature lol its just my nature. Im juggling a lot of stuff, but im here to help.


Same here! I’ve been having issues finding anyone willing to help edit Mature content or they only do x amount of chapters or you have to repeatedly request them just to get your entire story done, or they cap out at 40 chapters…all my complete works are at least 47


I honestly haven’t completed a damn thing yet. I’m not all that sure as to why its hard to find people for this particular thing other than shyness when dealing with smut scenes or something. I mean I don’t cover my books in sex, but when I do add it, it’s damn well written if I don’t say so myself.

That who wattpad is really full of 15-18 year olds who aren’t comfortable editing much. Your guess is as good as mine.


Well, I have 4 complete books for my one series (in need of heavy editing and revising of course) and the first part of my one trilogy I am currently editing and revising


Maybe we Can start a little book club or something. I just joined one fore vampire books and it’s pretty cool.


I have one made for this, called All My Friends Are Heathens and it has a Mature side and a non Mature side, just no members yet


@AlMyFrendsAreHethens is the account name, I made it with another Wattpadder who deals with the non Mature side


i always have a hard time figuring out what mature really means. I started a story and i am confused bc i don’t know if i should activate the mature mode.


If it has intense violence, gore, sex (nudity???) or language, then yes, it is Mature, pretty much, look at it through the eyes of someone who doesn’t like that stuff at all or is too young, if it seems it would be shocking or ‘uncomfortable’ safe bet it can be marked as Mature, I always stay on the safe side and mark it as such as I never know what may happen in my stories and my more recent ones are definitely heavy in language, violence and the sex scenes, I always just mark it as Mature as I am never 100% sure how far is too far in non Mature


Usually if it includes, sex (no matter who graphic), gore, violence, or sensitive matters suck as rape, murder, addiction, depression/ self harm


I’ll go check it out


That’s the thing it deals with some serious issues but there are no sex scenes at least not yet… I don’t see how it could be offensive or shoking to anyone but at the same time, it does evoque some heavy stuff (suicide and depression)


forgot these, I just group them under violence I also like to give forewarning regarding these things (other than murder as lots o killing happens)


Key words: Not yet, who knows though, you may never have one

I always put it this way, me writing a non Mature story is like seeing a unicorn or winning the lottery, you can try, but it never happens, 'least not often

I’m surprised there aren’t more people showing up here :woman_shrugging:


If you avoided the big ones (sex, graphic violence, and murder) you should be good. Believe me your readers will let you know if your book is mis-marked. To combat some of that if you’re really concerned, just let readers know at the start of a chapter that there may be triggering events ahead.


I’m a damn sexy unicorn! :joy:


Thanks for the tips guys!


Your welcome! :slight_smile: