Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!



Well then, seems I’ll be writing a non Mature story soon


No problem!


I agree. I found a book that had like 200k reads and nearly just as many votes and it was legit nothing but graphic sex. I mean like every single chapter. It would have put 50 shades to shame.


Even my shapeshifters who heal through sex don’t have that in every chapter, I found like 3 or 4 scenes in book 1? Maybe less? Yes more happen in the later chapters but mainly because in book 4 Tyler falls to lust


and the first one in book 1 didn’t happen until like chapter 19, and she wasn’t even healing (it was actually her first time and just faded to black)


I’m writing mature science fiction at the moment and my completed short stories are mature too. One short story is crime noir with violence and stalking references and the other is crime erotica with explicit sex and violence.

The SF WIP currently has some bad language, some moderate violence and dialogue references to rape. I’d love to find some regular reviewers for it, and am happy to review other mature tales.


I can become a reader! I also am looking for more regular readers for Kassidy, has language, sexual references, reference to sexual abuse (always in the flashbacks though so far), violence and gore


Hello I’m more a reader of mature works than a writer even tho I’m writing one right now but its about time there’s a thread like this.


My sex scenes tend to take time as I have to develop the characters and their relationships. Even after that it’s still not just sex and death for the sake of it. Each scene pushes the characters further in their arcs.

Honestly i only got through 3 chapters before even I had to walk away. it was honestly just too much. I will be applying got AMFAH! It seems legit (and i love that song):joy::heart:


I know, no love for the Mature readers and authors on here really (so this is that)


So do I, I might make it our theme


Tyler is really battling with his inner darkness, and is being driven by lust, and lust for blood, he also does lots o killing during this time in book 4 and faces the consequences in book 5


In my story, in a couple of scenes there will be violence and murder but to a limit to where I hope won’t run away too many readers.


I’ve got two other books I’ve promised to review this weekend but I’ve added Kassidy to my list. I should have time to do at least one chapter this weekend.

By the way, I only ever do line by line crits. I’m weird and find that the easiest way to review so get ready. You might get a lot of comment notifications. :smile:


Fine by me!


Oh man, the two MCs in my current WIP are going to be wound so tight by the time I let them at each other. :smirk:


Lol, that will most likely mean your audience will be just a tight. :sunglasses: I’ve read a few books where I was just screaming for them to DO IT already. I couldn’t take the tension anymore. lol


Sounds like you’ve got a good plot line going! I’ll have to check it out. I just have to wade through the mountain of promised reviews i’ve already made for myself on other forums. It’s a lot. Lots of wattpaders wanting help it seems.


Same when Tyler and Angel finally get it on again, she basically makes him wait for like 100 or so years (except the once to help her heal to save her life) but other than that, Tyler and her pretty much abstain for like 300 years at one point

So, yeah, immortals who generally need it at some points to survive getting it on after 300 years of nothing will be interesting to write :joy::woman_shrugging:


I am very slowly editing and revising book 1 (it has like no plot somehow, or at least it gets lost repeatedly) so…might need some slack there