Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!


and the first two are like 3 years old, the third is like 2 years old and I started book 4 a year ago and finished it in like September


I’m ages away from finishing my first book. It will probably end up as a trilogy if not a damned saga. I made the lore, and world so complex and huge there’s no way i’m going to finish in under 40 chapters.


Oh honey, same here, and I have no clue how or when it ends, it may well go for the rest of my life, I know the Epilogue though and the realization of it made me realize someday, I’ll see all but like one or two characters die


Neylan and Silas are on opposite sides of the law. She’s a Regulator, she hunts pirates and smugglers for a living. Silas is a doctor who funds his free clinic for the poor by smuggling contraband for the local crime boss. He really messes with Neylan’s sense of right and wrong and she hates the fact that he turns her on.


That actually sounds really interesting


You and me both. I started my WIP as a NaNoWriMo project. There’s no way it’ll be done in 120,000 words let alone 50,000. It will easily be two or three books.


Kassidy is already 72k words, only a third of the way done with the second part of the duology planned and the beginning of a spinoff and parts of a prequel forming in my head


I can’t even think about the light at the end of the tunnel. No clue where this stuffs going once i manage to build up to the great war. Or how for the love of God i’m going write THE GREAT WAR (between four different packs of wolves). :sob:


Neylan hasn’t even met Silas yet. LOL. I still have two chapters to go before that happens. But she’s getting there.


I gotta write more of the Elemental Wars…I just remembered I renamed all the books of Legend to have their own titles…


War of Blood
Dance of the Elements
Bound By Blood

Those are the titles for the Legend Series now

I may change War of Blood


I’m sitting at 50k in words so far and i’m maybe just maybe a third of the way through with book one. But there will have to be at least 2 more to do the story justice. My fingers already hurt.

You have a huge library of work yourself. Brace your self fr the great editing war!


We share the same pain. 50k isn’t even half of this book or the series as a whole. i’ve doomed myself a little i think.


I first need to finish them all :joy: then the great flood of editing will truly begin, I have 70 works overall if you include my drafts :neutral_face:


I’m one of those authors who will never have the time to tell all the stories I need to tell


and this is only after almost 4 years of writing


I realised I was doomed when I hit 20,000 words and my two MCs hadn’t even met yet. :laughing:


I reached 70k before the big twist even happened…I did the math and by the end, I’m look at a nearly 300k word monstrosity, plus another one just as long


@TEHauxwell You, punish yourself. You should treat your fingers better.

@PellinorLover2314 You also punish yourself. You should also treat your fingers better.

but i’m impressed with both of you guys too so, eh. Who needs fingers?


They would agree. I still have my Christmas party nails on. For the last week I’ve been typing like a demented seal and every other word has a typo. :roll_eyes::laughing: