Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!


I don’t punish myself, I do it because I love it, my fingers actually rarely hurt


Can I plug someone else’s mature short story here, or is that against the rules?


I don’t care, but the mods may


Demented seal. :joy: i just had the weirdest picture form in my head. Lol. I know what you mean though. I broke a nail digging through my plot books the other day. My soul died for a little while. (like 2 seconds) then i was fine again.


ummm idk…the mods might remove it though.


I’ve just promoted the story on my own profile activity feed on the main site, so you should be able to spot it there. I recommend checking it out. It got me all flustered when I reviewed the first part this week.


I need help coming up with a marriage ritual between witches that Kas can do with Violet in book 2, Natalie.

I just saw a scene where her and Kas are standing in the snow, Kas is holding both her hands in front of him and says “as far as I’m concerned your not my girlfriend, V, that is if you’d be willing to be my wife” he says it because he knows at any moment may be their last (Kassidy starts with her as 16, him as 17, but Natlalie kicks off with her at 19, him at 20, ends with her at 21, him at 22)


How about a hand-fasting ritual? They’re popular amongst pagans.


I second this idea!


Yes, maybe Kas can give her his ring as well


The more I explore and see their love unfold and deepen, the more I want to cry and not have the ending happen! No! WHY?!


I might be interested in doing a read for read feedback agreement, that essentially functions as reciprocal beta-reading for more mature stories.

Would anyone here be interested in setting something like that up? we just mutually read chapters at a casual pace and try and to finish the whole book while providing feedback?

Bearing in mind that I am an atrocious line editor and will be of most help for plot and pacing?


I actually have a book club for this


Do you have a link to it?


Yup, just put it in at the original post! I host the Mature side, my co-host does the non Mature side


Thanks, I’ll look into it!




I just rediscovered this song, and I think I may have wrote a chapter to it, but I can’t remember what chapter! Or what exactly happened in it…


Added to my library. Sounds fun, I’ve never been in a Wattpad book club before, this should be interesting :wink:


If you are joining fill out the forms inside, before anything can begin AMFAH needs members!