Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!


I love this version of the song. It puts the S in sexy.


@XOXOQueen72, I added your three books to a reading list on the AMFAH account, I will later add them to the section titled Member Books and create a separate part titled Book Club Books (these are the ones that will be reviewed by other members and such when we have enough) and when you feel you are ready, let me know which you want added to this part


I know, I’m in love with it


Okay, I’m about half way through with my overloaded plate. Should be done before the weekend is over. :slight_smile:




This playlist though!




You want yours in the actual book club right? (Not sure if we will have each other read the entirety of each other’s stories yet, or if it will be x amount of chapters, I can always make a poll on the account on what y’all wanna do)


I do.


Ok, I know I put on the form that if you don’t want it then to contact me or a moderator (which, go to the moderator section, we have one moderator)


This is something of an odd question, but is it possible that I could submit a book to the club that’s in Google docs instead of Wattpad?

The book that I mostly strongly need feedback on is a sequel to a book that I have removed from Wattpad except for the first 3 chapters (The Lady of the Depths). The sequel book (The Lord of the Island) was written with an intention for it to be understandable to those who haven’t read the first book, but ideally, I’d like to have some readers who have read the previous book beforehand to provide feedback, as well as others who haven’t read it. I do not wish to return the book in full to Wattpad, since I shifted it to Amazon, nor would I try to force someone to buy the book to give me feedback, so my solution would be to submit it via Googledocs, and then hopefully move on to the sequel with the same partner? Would that be do-able?

Also, I should say that I consider my books to be mature (violence and gore, profanity, and mature themes), but I haven’t actually labeled them as mature on Wattpad due to the vagaries of the definition of ‘mature’ on this website. Mature books seem to get suppressed in some ways on here, or at least it used to be that way, and I’m not marking mine as mature unless Wattpad makes me.


You totally can! You could make a copy, send it to me and I can make a sharable link where people can only comment on it.

Share it to saphira855@gmail.com


If you are to email me it, then nightengales8173@gmail.com (other one can’t receive emails or send them)


I joined!


I saw! I made stickers too! I have exams tomorrow and Thursday, but hopefully this weekend we can start some stuff


I may have partially commented just now to sort of bump the thread :joy: I’d love to get a few more members! It’s looking like it will be a fun club.




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that came out of the mouth of a character for a budding idea I got today…I don’t even know what to do with it :woman_shrugging:



Don’t tell me this is just gonna fail and die


Hey guys, update in the book club book