Where's All My Mature Authors, Editors and Readers At?!


No one, apparently, can stomach mature work these days. Which I think is making this platform retarded.


I like Mature works actually (I myself am guilty of it, and this goes for all writing) it just is annoying when you can CLEARLY tell that it is a younger person writing it (my first few stories are like this, it makes it cringey as fuck when editing and revising)


Hi Hi :slight_smile: I have organized a writing project on world water day :slight_smile: can you please help me to spread the word around? Only 40 days left :frowning:


what is this?


It focuses on world water day 2019. Already 13 mini e-books are published for this writing project :slight_smile: I can show you if you are interested :slight_smile:


I mean, what is world water day?


It is a UN recognized International Day that aims to raise awareness among the international community about the importance of water :slight_smile:


Oh, I don’t know if the US has one, and it seems like everyday could be some special day :woman_shrugging:


Dear :slight_smile: it is not only for US. It is for the entire world :slight_smile: can you please let me show you my project? This place wont allow me to share links :frowning:


I’m not saying it’s for the US only? I was saying I don’t know if my country recognized it, also, this is still advertising, and advertising is not allowed in the forums.


Oh I am so sorry this is not advertising. :frowning: I am trying to help writers to become mini e-book authors and at the same time I raise awareness among them about world water day. :frowning: I gain nothing in return. I have not promoted anything that belongs to me :frowning: I am so sorry that you fail to recognize my honest purpose of helping Wattpad community of writers :frowning:


Hey, i’m a mature writer, can I join in?


Yup! (Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, was at work!)


It’s no problem :slight_smile:


This is what I’m doing, can you guess what I’m doing?


My apologizes for not responding, the internet stopped working and its not quite working now either. One minute its on the next its not.


That’s no problem! It happens here too, which sucks because it causes me to not be able to do my classwork


Can i ask some questionss about the book club group in h=re


Yup, ask away!


Firstly will you be posting links to all books invovled in the book swap so the member can freely read them if they like