Whether to Mute or Not? Looking for advice.


Hi everyone, hoping to find a bit of advice here! Recently there’s been a reader going through chapter by chapter on one of my stories systematically pointing out mistakes (in a fairly aggressive manner), and leaving comments that aren’t outright abuse, but still far from pleasant for me to get popping up in my notifications every day. I want to mute them, but my question is, should I send them a message to try to resolve the issue without resorting to the mute button? As much as I’d like to say I could just ignore them, I know I will read those comments anyway and get down about it. But is muting someone because of this an overreaction?
Thanks for any and all advice. :slight_smile:


You should always try to bring up the problem with them first, using the mute button as a last resort thing.


I’m going through the comments right now, and most are borderline aggressive. Especially this one


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I would ask them to leave comments in a more polite manner. They might not be trying to trigger you at all.


Yeah no this is messed up


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If people repeatedly say this, over the course of days, you may want to mute them






Reply back to their comments politely. Kill them with kindness while also trying to get behind what they don’t like the book.

If they continue with these comments, let them know that they can continue reading your book if they want to, but you’ll have to ask that they refrain from leaving hateful comments. Pointing out mistakes is welcome, but hurtful comments will not be tolerated.

If they proceed, mute them.


Ok, take screenshots for now of every comment just in case for evidence.


This sounds like a good course of action–thank you.


It’s the continuation of the comments that has started to get to me. I don’t mind comments like this, but when it’s coming from the same person over and over, it’s hard not to take it as a person attack. I’m probably just being overly sensitive, but it’s started to bother me quite a bit, to the point I’ve been considering the mute button/ and created this post.


You are very welcome.

I’ve only had one reader that’s ever truly hated on my book, but I remember dreading every notification about a new comment the entire time.


Honestly I’m normally one to embrace even aggressive comments but those are… YIKES. I think you wouldn’t be at all out of place to mute them, that’s honestly pretty bad.


Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky with the readers commenting on my book, but I’ve always found that whenever someone offers up criticism on my works, they never frame it as an attack—there’s always a positive aspect to it.
I think it’s because this is the first time I’ve gotten comments I can only read as negative that this is really getting to me—I’m feeling that dread.

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I’m confused - are they responding to a character, or are they threatening/being abusive to you personally? I know some people get super involved with the characters/plot and kind of voice their views (like ‘omg this person is being so mean, i wanna punch her!’), but yeah I can see why those comments are distressing especially one after the other constantly. Just wasn’t sure if it was the ‘character’ or you that they were threatening? If you feel comfortable enough to message them then I agree that would be a good thing to do, but honestly if it is really upsetting you you shouldn’t feel bad about doing what it best for your well-being.


Yup. Critiques are helpful. You can do something with those.

I’ve lucked out wby having incredible readers, but an asshole is bound to find our books to hate on eventually.

My experience happened three years ago and I still cringe when I think of it.

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I mean if it’s aggressive directed at characters, good job! They are so invested in your story that they think it’s worth it to act violent towards nonexistent(?) characters.

If it’s towards you as an author then definitely talk to them and/or mute.


They’re responding to a character in the screenshots above, (Like a good few other readers did at this point in the story), this, on its own, doesn’t bother me. Paired up with chapter on chapter of pointing out editorial mistakes (mistakes that do exist, typos etc), the occasional criticism of the story–and then comments like above–with all them together, from the same reader, I’m not having a hard time not getting bothered by it.
None of the comments are attacking me or anything, but the general semi-aggresive tone in all of them, is starting to make me feel like the reading is having a go at me.


If it’s directed at you or the characters, there’s a line that I think they’ve crossed. I mean comments automatically get “flagged for review” if you say the F-word. Can you flag these comments?

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Did you engage with the reader three years ago when it happened?