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2 chapters and 4 comments for a coloured line drawing
4 chapters and 8 comments for a completed drawing with details



Name: Hisaki Onohara
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Eyes: blazing emerald green almond-shaped eyes
Height: 5ft 10in
weight: 135lbs
Hair: Shoulder Length dark brown wavy (poofy) hair.
Age: 19 but looks like a 16 year old

Facial Features: has a very soft looking regal face. a small soft button nose and plump lips. has no scars on his body but he does have a tattoo of a clock on his left shoulder. That looks like it’s gonna run out of time, meaning the clock is eroding.

Body: fairly short stature, so everyone likes to make fun of him and call him a kid, has scrawny arms but fairly strong legs and everything else is super skinny. has some muscle definition.

Personality: He can be very sarcastic but that’s mainly due to the fact that he died and was promptly teleported to the 1700’s at the beginning of the revolutionary war. He has a very morbid sense of humour. Also likes to mess with Washington from time to time, such as stealing all of his quills so he is unable to write. He can also be very serious when the need arises. especially when he needs to kill people.

Expression: normally always has a smug smirk on his countenance.

and just a line drawing for now


Accepted :slight_smile:
george washington?


yep George Washington

He’s a big handful.


Hope this is okay, will be updating but wanted you to direct and correct :slight_smile:


Name: Bickum
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 80
Race: Middle Eastern
Height/weight: He’s thin, so I would say around 140 lbs. As for his height, he is often slouched over, so he would probably be around 5’5".

General appearance:
He has a ton of wrinkles on his face, and he looks like an average old man. His face is narrow and his skin is taunt. His eyes are sunken in his head and are rather large. He has a white beard that goes just past his neck. He is almost bald, with only a few unruly tufts of white hair remaining. He has thick white eyebrows. His lips are very thin. He has a slightly hunched back and walks with a limp, often needing a cane or something else to support him.

The story takes place in a medieval-era world. Basically what I envision for his clothes is just typical peasant clothes. I’m thinking something between this and this.

He often has a small, welcoming smile on his face. He is a warm and inviting old man who has lived a long and difficult live. All he wants to do is spend his remaining years with his beloved adoptive daughter.

I would just like a line drawing!




hope it’s okay :slight_smile:


more bald? more skny? more hunched? just let me know


He’s looking great so far! Could he maybe be a bit skinnier though?


yeah of course !


Hey! I hope it’s not too late, but could you possibly make his beard less full? When I picture him in my mind, he’s ragged and scrawny. You’re doing me a huge favor and I feel bad complaining about anything.


Thats not a complaint and i can totally do that, dont forget to read and review for the sketch :wink:


I won’t! My reception is currently really sketchy, so I’m waiting until I can get somewhere more stable.


He looks amazing! Would it be possible for his eyebrows to have some white in them?


Oh sorry, white hair , my bad!


This is an absolutely beautiful drawing! It just keeps getting better and better. It’s so nice to finally have this character I’ve been seeing in my head all this time in front of me.




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