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Thanks for the advice, added the first and last cuz the second is just a in-between and forgot to save one


you’ve commented, who do you want a drawing of?


Well, how’s that pic of Jes coming?


Sorry after the computer problems I lost the original , I have 2 that’s ive been working on for you and signed them with your username like we talked of
I’ll send them soon via email


Do you mean your username? You’re signing them for credit, not so people don’t steal them from me. Haha.


Oh I thought you wanted your username on it, sorry misunderstood
i don’t need credit


Name: Lilia Merek
Gender: Female
Race: Irish
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5ft 10in
weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Braided burnt gold hair
Age: Around 20
Facial Features: Angular face, proud nose. Bridge of freckles across the nose. Normal sized eyes, serious. Big, smirking mouth and there are severl rings in her ears.
Body: Tall and strong. Knows how to wield a sword and handle herself in a fight. Muscled arms and strong legs. Toned waist.She looks more strong than feminine.

Personality: Very sarcastic, very quick tempered. But very loyal and would literally put herself in front of a blade for the people she loves.

Expression: Normal smug, or half smiling as if she’s watching someone she doesn’t like making a fool of themselves.

Additional Her neck has three thick scars running down beneath the collar of her tunic. She is a character from a medieval style setting so she wears furs and tunics and leather pants.

and just a line drawing plase.


sounds awesome, looking forward to it :smiley:


work in progress hope i have her okay so far, will update sorry for how long its taking


Looks great. Times no problem.