Which Book Cover is the Best?



Hey, everyone. So, I’ve recently updated the cover for my book, but I’m still unsure which one to use. What opinions do you guys have for the book covers below?

(this is the current one that I’m using)


The flower one is pretty, but all of them are pretty cool.


I like the third one.


My two favorites are the first and the third covers.


I like the bluish mountains


2nd or 3rd!


I normally don’t like cursive-style fonts but I sure like #2. #1 would be a contender for me but something about the serifs is getting lost for me - perhaps that’s just due to seeing it digitally / at this resolution.


I like the first one


The first one!


I like the flower picture the best for a cover, but I can’t stand how the title is written on it. It’s very hard to read quickly. If the text on that one couldn’t be changed, my favorite would be number one.


Okay, everyone. I’ve got a new cover that I’m currently using. Here it is: