Which Character Would Do That?


Ok. Every story has multiple characters. Major and Minor.

How This Game Works.

  1. Think of something a character would do.
  2. Ask which character in your story would do that.
  3. Respond to which character would that and explain why.

Person 1: Which character in your story would steal all the candy?
Person 2: My character Ted would still all the candy. He’s been in and out of prison so many times. He even claimed he was never going to change
Person 2: Which character in your story would take a 24 hour nap?

I’ll start off…

Which character in your story would complain about something small?

(New Rule: If you’re responding to someone, you can’t say you don’t know or none of your characters would do that. Give someone a else a chance to respond)


Charlie because that’s basically his character haha

Which character would steal something?


In my book, this character call ashwin will most probably steal all the toffees and also, the coffee sachets as he is addicted to coffee has a sweet tooth, and is at risk for diabetes

Which one of your characters will pick up a dollar bill on the road and keep it?


Near enough all of them haha, but mostly Aiden

Which character is likely to come out with a jokey comment during a serious time?


Rachel or Tia, they have an uncontrollable sense of humor.

Which character is likely to commit murder?


You ready for the list? haha.
Aiden, Frankie, Charlie, Micky, Kayden, Axel etc haha.
My books have alot of death lol

Which character is the most kind?


Levi. He’s the most selfless character in the book, and puts others before himself.

Which character would be most petty after losing a game/challenge?


I think Alex would complain about it for soooo long. He’s a nice person, but he can really get frustrating sometimes

Which character would be most likely to kill somebody?


Charlie and Mickey, they’re children at heart.

Which character loses their temper the quickest?


Lillian, though not teriibly snappy, she has the worst temperament out of the characters.

Which character would place the blame of their own actions on a close friend to save themself?


Aiden or Axel most likely, they’re very selfish characters.

Who would risk it all for one person?


Isaiah would definitely risk everything- including his own life- for someone he loved, especially his little step-sister, Artemis. He basically raised her himself because the two of them had the world’s worst single father as a parent.
Aside from him… idk, maybe Trent as well, but that’s because he’s just a very kind and selfless person. The kind of guy who remained single for over a year because there was the slightest chance that another woman was maybe-sort-of-possibly interested in him.

So, which one of your characters could survive without ever forming a romantic/sexual relationship with another person? (Or creature, I guess, if they aren’t a human)


None haha, all of my books have a sexual underlindering or sex in them. I think dominic would literally die without it.

Who is the person behind it all?


Savannah is the person behind it all. Without her, Margo wouldn’t reunite with Steve. Sabrina wouldn’t be trying to get back in contact with Steve or Margo. And Margo wouldn’t be trying to actually follow her dreams. Thanks Savannah.

Which character would skip out on their high school reunion?


Aiden for sure, he never turned up to anything haha.

Who’s the most sarcastic?


Kiera, especially as a defensive mechanism, or when interacting with her biological father.

Who’s the most observant?


I’d say aiden. He knows when something bads going to happen every-time.

Who’s the funniest?


Reydon. His sense of humor was actually what really formed a bond between the him and the other 4 main characters in the story.

Who’s the most likely to kill their best friend is the situation deemed it necessary?


It would be Posilyn. Because she’s already tried to kill him when she deemed it necessary.
I’m not joking, and I laughed when I saw this was the current question.

Who would be okay with being turned into an animal?


Uhhh… I guess Conifer? But she’s a werewolf so I guess she doesn’t really count. Among my human characters… Probably Anna, because she loves the outdoors enough to live there, and I guess her gf Shannon as well, because she’ll do anything Anna will.

Which character would walk straight up to their crush and ask them out the moment they got butterflies?