Which Character Would Do That?


Probably Griffin. Heck, he wouldn’t be the one to follow them, he’d the first to jump in the first place!

Which character is the most romantic?


Arkenham. He’s a stupid romantic, and I love him anyway. (Isabelle does too, which is the important thing.)

Which character would fall in love in two days?


Probably Daphne. She’s a hopeless romantic and she tends to see the good in everyone, so as soon as someone catches her eye, it’s hard to make her fall out of love.

Which character is the most precious and sweet?


None of them. Everyone is cynical.

Which character would be nocturnal if they could get away with it?


Winston 100%.

Which character is the most gullible?


Cynics, all of them. No gullible people to be found.

Which character would commit murder for a friend?


CAIN in a heartbeat. Won’t care about the legal consequences either.

Which character is the most manipulative?


Nicoletta. She’s toying with Zach. To be fair, it’s not totally on purpose, because she has no idea he’s hopelessly in love with her. But yeah.

Which character hates Tuesdays?


Winston hates every day of the week.

Which character is the best singer?


Sophia definitely. angel voice

Which character is the harshest critic?


Arkenham, but only of himself.

Which character loves music?


Daphne is part of the Choir.

Which character has the best knowledge of healing wounds?


Arkenham. Or Shane. Don’t ask.

Which character wears sunglasses inside?


Sounds like something Pete would do.

Which character has the most unique name?


Arkenham. He was originally in a fantasy story, and the name stuck.

Which character leaves all work to the very last minute?


So procrastinating? Ok, I would have to say Pete. There would be a 10 page essay, and he’d be doing it at 3 in the morning.

Which character would pull an all nighter?


Arkenham, Shane, Zach, Zane, Isabelle.

Which character would mess up a common idiom?


Pete. Instead of “i have a foot in my mouth,” I bet you 10 bucks he’d say “i have a foot in my head”

Which character speaks really fast?


Shane when he’s drunk or high.

Which character is exhausted no matter how much sleep they get?


Sindo because he’s old

Which character would change their past?