Which Character Would Do That?


Shane. Let’s just say he doesn’t have it so great.

Which character hates to be alone?


Saoirse, he surrounds himself with people at every chance he gets.

Which character would sign up for a Zumba class just for fun?


Marianna, she is a curious one.

Which character would be the scary cat of scary stories?


Griffin. I could see him doing that.

Which character is the least financially stable?



Which character is the prettiest?


Ravenna. She’s so gorgeous that strangers tend to underestimate her capabilities.

Which character is the shortest in height?


Isabelle. (I liked the idea that a short character kicked the most ass)

Which character is the tallest?


Channing. Minor character, but he’s 6’2.

Which character is the most stubborn?


Arkenham and Isabelle. (Match made in heaven, am I right?) And Shane is super stubborn too.

Which character is in a romantic relationship?


None at the beginning of the story.

Which character is the most egotistical?


They all have self-esteem issues, so…

Which character is the worst at feelings?


Winston. He doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions.

Which character has the most trust issues?


Shane. His family is a mess, so he doesn’t trust anybody to keep their promises anymore. He’s been burnt by his mother one too many times.

Which character has a favorite band?


I think Griffin likes Queen.

Which character would burst into song randomly in a car pool?


None of them would burst into song, but Arkenham would sing under his breath with his earbuds in.

Which character likes Star Wars?


Griffin does.

Which character doesn’t understand the meaning of giving people privacy?


Most of them are introverts, so they definitely get the meaning of privacy.

Which character would pass notes during class instead of focusing?


Griffin. He can’t sit still and takes notes without at least a bit of fun.

Which character is an extrovert?



Which character is the smartest?


Smart is subjective. The best book smarts is Ravenna and Draven. The best street smarts is Winston and Cain. The best smarts when it comes to healing wounds is Daphne, because she’s into nursing.

Which character is the smartest academically?