Which Character Would Do That?


that’s a tie between Ray, Sophia, and Sonia definitely. I mean, they’re going to Princeton, hello?

Which character has a common phobia?


Daphne’s afraid of heights, but she doesn’t mind air planes. She doesn’t like cliffs.

Which character is the most pretentious?


Hmmmm… maybe Victoria?

Which character would join a club, and attend none of the meetings?


None, but I can see Griffin joining every club avaliable and being late to every single one.

Which character likely will earn the most money from their career?


Hm I think mechanical and aeronautical engineering pays a LOT, so Ray possibly? But then, Sonia I think wants to go into psychology. That also pays a lot. So I’d say they’re tied.

Which character would bs an essay out of laziness?


Winaton 100%, just to get some credit at least. Griffin would probably be there on the day the essay was due and be like, “We had an essay?!”

Which character would make their partner do all the work for a group project?


Lisa maybe. Probably out of manipulation.

Which character do you, as the author, have absolutely no hope for?


Ouch… I could see Cain with a bad ending years after the novel, because his job is dangerous with high speed police chases and guns and all. But I’ll have to say Winston. Which I hate saying, because Winston’s my favorite, but his future isn’t looking too good, but he has no hope for himself. No one could save you from yourself, especially when you stop trying to make things better. He’s learned to accept the shit, instead of trying to fix the future.

Which character would purposefully cheat on their lover? (Corpses such as Mr. Lerman do not count.)


Ahahaha I think Lisa would definitely cheat on her lover. She’s so manipulative, and I bet you 10 bucks that she would manipulate the lover so badly.

Which character acts like a little kid?


Griffin, but in the best way possible. :joy: Even Ravenna finds it hard to refuse him.

Which character would fake an injury for attention?


Victoria definitely, since she really craves attention. She’d do it to her parents, but not in the school itself.

Which character do you adore? (Winston, get out)


Aw, crap. You know me so well. I’d say Griffin with Daphne close behind. Griffin’s so pure, but he’s seen enough shit in the clique to understand that life is rough. Even after knowing that, it makes him even more determined to stay optimistic. He’s a nice contrast to Winston’s pessimism. Ravenna even describes Griffin in Chapter 3 as being the “small glimpse of sunlight in a place of darkness” when referring to the clique.

Which character do you think has the most room for potential character development?


Ooh that’s a really great question! I think anyone related to Victoria has the potential for character development. Because Victoria herself is a very static character. One day, you sympathize, one day, you hate her. She’s very static, and that’s what makes people so confused.

Which character do you think will never change?


Draven. I don’t think he has a reason or motive to change, while everyone else around him begins to rethink themselves after some events.

Which character would you like to work on in a prequel/spin-off about their personal lives?


Ooh. I think Sonia probably. We don’t really see much of her background, plus I love her character, so I think I would do that. I wouldn’t do Victoria, because a lot of questions are answered later in the book. Including ones about her family.

Which character would be the CEO of a multimillionaire company?


RAVENNA. She’s destined to go into the business industry, plus she has a lot of connections to famous business people thanks to her father. She also has experience being leader (of the clique), so she’d work well in a business leadership role.

Which character is the most naive and pure to the cruelties of the world?


Either Sophia or Ray both. Sophia believes in so much good, that she’s, well not unaware, but she’s a bit unprepared for anything thrown at her. The issues going on currently hit her heart, though.

Which character would act in pornography?


For a second, I was like, “Maurice maybe, because he would totally be down for earning money by having sex.” Then, I realized… He’s way too prideful to strip down publically. So none.

Which character would rather starve on the streets than to beg for food?


Huh. Lisa maybe. Way too prideful.

Which character has no problem with murder?


Cain if it’s in self-defense. Or if it’s on accident (he totally gets it, because he used to get into a lot of knife fights, so if someone accidentally killed someone else in a fight, he’d completely understand and would probably try to help the person).

Which character would suddenly break into a dance in public because they feel like it?