Which Character Would Do That?


I think Ray would be an amazing break dancer, so I think he would do it. He’d probably get a bunch of money because people like it.

Which character would literally tear apart a store looking for that ONE thing they wanted?


That’s totally Cain. He’d probably walk out the store once he finds it too. Because who needs to pay money, right?

Which character would try to swing on a chandelier?


sings in awful voice I’M GONNA SWIIIINGGG FROM THE CHANDELIEEEERRRRR. (know that song)? Pete would, if he got really drunk. Ray would be like “that’s stupid! Keep doing it!”

Which character would do it with someone underage?


That’s where I got the question from. :joy:

Actually… Yesterday, I was outlining one of the future chapters, then I realized Winston was having sex with an 18 year old girl, even though he was 16 at the time. Wattpad’s rules are 16 and up, so the chapter doesn’t violate that, but it kinda makes me uncomfortable, because they live in California, where the age of consent is +18. So if caught, the girl would get charged for statutory rape of a minor. So… I’m kinda stuck. Heck, Ravenna would be so angry if she found out Winston was hooking up with an adult. Her overprotective butt would go psycho.

Which character from INI did you find the least interesting?


Oh yeah. I watch lots of crime shows, so I know the age of consent and statutory rape. I even used it to question a TV show my friend likes, and she said it was fine. And I really don’t find Allison, Victoria’s friend, interesting. She’s just another stuck up follower.

Which character did you take FOREVER to make up?


I think Griffin and Winston took some time, just because they kept changing from my original idea. They’re unrecognizable if you put them side by side with their original plan.

Suppose you had to cut out a character from the story. Which character would you choose and why?


Oh that’s a great question! I think I would have to say some of Ray’s friends, because they’re not important to the plot.

Which character could you NEVER cut out. (other than the main ones haha)


LMAO. Hm… I’d say Griffin. He’s not a “main” character, but he’s extremely important and the main characters are greatly influenced by him. The plot wouldn’t be the same without his existence. And plus, I just love his personality. :blush:

Which character would put you put in jail if you could?


I was about to say Roman, but he’s already in jail (and probably rotting in there too). I think if I could put someone in jail, I would have to say Lisa, because what she’s doing ain’t cool.

Which character would write on Wattpad knowing their work is actually horse crap?


Aidan is the most likely to, because he’s that playful, roguish kind of guy who doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Which character would fall in love with the antagonist of the story?


Hmm, well, none would fall in love with the villain, but “antagonist” is a bit more broad. I’m not sure, because the characters are usually a mix of good and bad, while the antagonists and the villains are as messed up as it gets. So none, maybe.

Which character would fall in love with someone after only knowing them for a week?


I would have to say none. All of my characters are analytical and would never let down their guard to someone within a week.

Which character would die for the others?


Winston, but it largely depends on who it is. He would only die for some, but not any.

Which character is the most closed minded?


Kieran, probably.

Which character is the most arrogant?


Tie between Ravenna and Nathaniel, though I wouldn’t exactly describe Ravenna as arrogant, because “arrogant” reminds me of someone who shows off. Ravenna doesn’t do that, so I don’t usually like using “cocky” or “arrogant” to describe her.

Which character is the most dirty-minded?


Aidan, by far. And he doesn’t hide it, either :laughing:

Which character falls in love easiest?


Daphne. She’s a hopeless romantic.

Which character is the most shallow?


Probably Valerie or Rosa.

Which character is good at sewing?


None of them. Sewing isn’t really on any of their radars.

Which character would skip school to sleep?


Connie, she got up all night writing songs.

Which character would have a past romantic relationship?