Which Character Would Do That?


Arkenham, since he starts the story with an ex.

Which character would listen to music and cry about it?


Connie most of the time, she listens to “Zombie” by The Cranberries.

Which character is naive?


Kris. She’s probably the only character who hasn’t been hurt yet. (Yes, I’m a mean author)

Which character is not a virgin?


There is a few that I created that aren’t virgins but it’s hard to pick which.

Which character can solve a mystery within an hour?


Ravenna. Swifted minded and cunning.

Which character is the worst person to be with while watching a movie?


Shane. He’ll either pass out or get bored.

Which character can’t keep their mouth shut?


Griffin. He only shuts up when he absolutely needs to. No one complains when he doesn’t shut up though. Because he’s annoying in a great way.

Which character has the worst anger issues?


Arkenham. I think I’ve mentioned his tendency to bottle things up and lash out later a couple of times now.

Which character would cry themselves to sleep?


Cindy, she is a soon to be newborn in my WarioWare x Karla crossover fanfic, and what do babies do? They cry!

Which character would win the shonky awards?


Ravenna. She acts so fake sometimes that she truly deserves an award for being able to fake so much crap.

Which character would you be able to trust with your life? (Literally.)


Easily Ray or Sophia. They’re great when it comes to things like that. Sonia is also great at that.

Which character would probably slip up and let out a big secret?


Griffin. But Ravenna still trusts the secret with him to some extent. It’s the only thing he takes seriously.

Which character would go and play in the rain, despite how hard it’s raining?


Pretty much everybody would do that. I can imagine that happening, actually. Everyone outside in the rain.

Which character is the most stressed out?


Probably Winston. Though it can be argued that all of them suffer from some sort of pressure.

Which character is the most pessimistic?


Shane. Arkenham is, despite his issues and fondness for dark humor, more of an optimist.

Which character do you feel the most protective of?


Winston, because he’s been through too much shit and needs at least a break. Griffin, because I want to shield him from the horrors that could destroy his purity.

Which character did you have the easiest time creating/writing and why?


I didn’t really have a hard time creating any of the characters. Most of them just sort of happened, and then slowly evolved into their current forms.

Which character do you think is the most attractive?


In my opinion? Either Winston or Griffin for different reasons. Winston, because he’s good hearted, even though people tend to not notice. Griffin, because he has this happy-go-lucky vibe that I don’t see often and therefore admire. He also has a natural charm that makes people like him.

Which character would you personally date?


Well, I’m too innocent for Shane, wouldn’t touch Zane with a ten foot pole, don’t want to get in the middle of the mess that is Zach and Nicky, and I feel like Arkenham would probably drag me down with him. And anyway he and Isabelle are cute. And I’m straight, so the girls are out. So nobody.

Which character would you be friends with?


Winston, Griffin, and Daphne. The last two are easy to befriend and are literally loved by everyone. Winston is a lot harder to get to, but once you do, he’s very loyal.

Suppose you had to cut a character from the story. Which character would it be and why?