Which Character Would Do That?


Ahahaha omg I can see Pete doing that. Coming out wearing a sheet, scaring Ray, and getting punched in the face by him. starts to laugh maniacally (Fun fact: I think Ray knocked out Pete’s loose tooth once because Pete scared him too hard)

Which character is the prankster? (Griffin?)


Yes 100000%. Griffin never pranks Ravenna though. He jokes with her (and delivers super smooth pick-up lines that actually make her genuinely chuckle), but he knows better than to go overboard with her. Only Griffin can be annoying with her and get away with it, because no matter how annoying he gets, he just has this charm that makes everyone like him. He’s someone even Ravenna can’t get angry at.

Which character is the most silly?


I think Pete is the most silly, as he can be so immature sometimes. It’s hilarious often. But then we have badass Sonia to balance it out.

Which character is the most immature?


Griffin, but in the best way possible. But he’s immature in the sense that he jokes and acts like a child sometimes. He could be real mature at times when it’s necessary. In terms of being a douchebag type of immature, definitely Nathaniel.

Which character is the voice of reason in their group?


Sonia definitely. In their close-knit group, Sonia’s the one who always makes sure that they don’t fall into any kind of crap and she’s the reasoning of the group.

Which character would probably leave the clique?


Can’t say who, because it’s a rather big spoiler. You’ll find out in the prequel that will hopefully come out in February.

Which character wouldn’t speak up if they saw someone being bullied verbally?


I think Lisa would just watch the show, or she’d be the one bullying them.

Which character would travel the world?


Maybe Ravenna in the summer after she graduates high school.

Which character would beat up a bully for insulting a stranger?


Oh Ray 100%. He can’t stand bullying ever, and he never condones it. It doesn’t matter who does it to who, he never condones bullying ever.

Which character actually supports Ravenna’s torture methods?


Maurice 100%. Sometimes, he even thinks Ravenna is too easy and he wants it physical too, but Ravenna rarely gives in. Winston doesn’t like it, but he does nothing, because he has a motive for being in the clique. Griffin is conflicted and doesn’t like watching it, because it makes him feel dirty for being a part of her clique. But he doesn’t have the nerve to speak up to her. Draven doesn’t support it, but he isn’t against it either. He lets her do what she wants, since she’s the ringleader.

Which character is interested in Sonia? (If it isn’t a spoiler.)


It’s not a spoiler don’t worry. I don’t know if anyone that I know of is interested in Sonia honestly. I never really thought that one through, so I don’t know.

Which character would be best friends with Winston? (other than Cain)?


Griffin is a very close friend of Winston. Both in the clique, but both share the same opinions that Ravenna goes a bit too far (even though they don’t say it). Griffin was one of three people (one of which we know is Cain) who kept Winston from completely losing his sanity and emotional stability. Winston wouldn’t survive the clique alone if Griffin hadn’t been a true companion. But their friendship is kinda funny, because one is popular, loved, optimistic, and extroverted, while the other is hated, feared, pessimistic, and introverted. They’re kinda opposites, but they balance each other well.

Which character would accept Victoria as a real friend?


I honestly think Lisa would. Other than Lisa… maybe Paul. If you don’t remember Paul, he was the one that insulted Sophia’s weight, and it kicked off the drama in the book. Yeah. Paul can be such a jerk sometimes, and honestly, he’d like Victoria. A lot

Which character would try to date Ravenna?


Maurice would definitely have a fling with Ravenna (I mean, they did sleep together once), but he doesn’t do commitment or relationships. Nathaniel is a player, but he’s scared of her, so he’s out of the question. I mean, if Ravenna wanted to date Griffin, he wouldn’t object, partly because he knows she wouldn’t hurt him purposefully and because he doesn’t want the awkwardness of rejecting her.

Which character would date Victoria?


That’s a spoiler, and you’ll see who in checks story about 6 chapters.

Which character would never set their eyes on Ravenna?


Draven. Ravenna and Draven surprisingly have a brother/sister type of relationship. She actually considers him a “companion”. And considering she doesn’t think of anyone as a “friend” because friends are considered equals, that’s a huge statement for her to make.

Which character wouldn’t lay eyes on Sophia, despite how gorgeous she is?


Hmmm. I don’t think David would lay eyes on Sophia THAT way. I think that he considers her too much of another sister to have her treated like that.

Which character would kidnap Ravenna for a ransom? (random I know haha)


LMAOOO. I don’t think any character we know would do that, except Cain out of spite for her mistreatment of Winston. I can imagine it. Cain kidnapping Ravenna in a car and lecturing her about what he’d do if she ever touches Winston again. Then, Winston calls, asking what he’s doing. Then, Cain responds, “Oh, I’m only kidnapping your girlfriend for ransom. Her daddy’s rich, remember? She’s a daddy’s girl too, so he’ll definitely pay a lot to have her back.” Then, Winston would start shouting to let her go, until Cain is forced to sigh and abandon his plan. Honestly, I’m not sure if that will make her avoid Winston from now on, or if she’d treat him even more badly than she did previously, just to hurt Cain. (What do you think she’d do? :joy:)

Which character would hook up with Roman, just because he’s good looking, despite what he does?


Huh. Lisa is pretty desperate. She wouldn’t care if Roman almost killed Sophia… she just wants someone to love her. And I think Ravenna may use her dad’s connections and have Cain personally executed in front of her.

Which character would pity Winston?


Woah. That’s extreme. I think that’s illegal, lol. And Winston would kill her. As for your question, Cain pities him and sympathizes on a personal level, even though both have two very different life experiences. I guess seeing someone else who is young and has suffered since childhood makes him able to relate to Winston’s circumstances. He knows Winston just needs emotional support and someone to guide him, so he takes that role himself (even though it isn’t a good idea). Likely because Cain himself lacked that, because his parents died when he was 15, a young age to be independent.

Which character doesn’t like Sonia’s feistiness?