Which Character Would Do That?


Axel. The chance is even higher if it’s protecting his sisters.

Which character is the most protective?


Cain and Winston are protective enough to get violent for whoever they’re trying to protect. I mean, Cain beat up his own close friend because he was hurting Winston. Yeah, it was messy.

Which character is the most emotionally detached?


Vara or Alex. Vara’s insane but Alex is withdrawn and depressed.


Please add a question.


Oops. Um, which character is the most socially withdrawn?


Probably Winston. Even though he has a lot of connections. And I mean a lot.

Which character is the most social?


John. He’s friends with everyone.

Which character is the smartest?


Smartest is subjective and there are different kinds. Ravenna and Draven tie for book smarts. Cain and Maurice tie for street smarts. Overall, Ravenna’s father is prevalent in both book and street smarts.

Which character is the most unpredictable?


The Multi Man, and not in a good way at all given the fact he’s a serial killer. He even earned his name from the fact he could be multiple people with multiple motives.

Which character is or seems like the kind of person to like Disney movies?


Beatrice all they way. She’s sing along to all of the songs too.

Which character has the most angst?


Almost all of my MCs.

Which character rarely speaks?


Concord because he’s mute.

Which character is the loudest?


Jaye could hardly keep her mouth shut while Argael might actually say things at the wrong situation at the wrong time.

Which character actually has a twin thought to be dead?


Axel. Well, he didn’t even know he had one. His father hid her in the cellar.

Which character has the worse parents?


JACK!!! His mom spent all their money on drugs until she died of an OD and his father constantly beat him near to death. It’s no wonder he grew into a cold-hearted sociopath.

Which character loves animals?


Beatrice and John. Beatrice loves woodland creatures and John loves sea life.

Which character is the cruelest?


Literally just any of my villains. All of them have killed people of all ages and with no remorse or reason.

Which character is the sweetest?


Beatrice, John, Clover, Jasmine, and Ubel.

Which character needs to get smacked the most?


Clyde since he gets drunk a lot. Jack, too, for being an understated a–hole

Which character could really use a hug right now?


Probably Victoria. She isn’t feeling the greatest, and she’s a bit down. I’d give her a hug.

Which character has the most unique eyes?