Which Character Would Do That?


Kyros and Serenity. Both of them have heterochromia iridum (different-colored eyes) with Kyros having a hazel right eye and a blue left eye and Serenity having the opposite (blue right; hazel left)

Which character has the most disadvantages?


Alex. He anxiety, PTSD, and depression. He also needs a hug.

Which character would jump off a cliff?


Griffin, but for fun. Yeah… He’s stupid that way. Poor thing.

Which character would steal all the food at a party?


Oh I can see Pete doing that. Sophia can have some chips and salsa out, and they’ll all be chilling, and Pete’s stuffing his face with chips and salsa. Ray would be like “why am I friends with him?”

Which character is represented by this face? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Thomas. He was the dirty mind.

Which character wanted to be a princess/prince/royalty when they grew up?


I think Ravenna always wanted to be treated as royalty/a princess when she was young. Even though she knew that she couldn’t be by blood, so she had to earn that similar respect. Which she did when she grew older.

Which character was the most troublesome as a kid?


Not as a kid, but Ramona as a teenager. She would always cause so much trouble for her dad, and it didn’t set the best example for Danicka. At all. She was a very rebellious and outgoing teenager, and she clashed with her dad all the time. So Ramona was the most troublesome.

Which character would probably play Spin the Bottle just to get Ravenna and Winston to kiss?


Oh. My. Gosh.:joy: That is brilliant. Griffin would totally set them up just for that. He hates seeing them argue. But he loves when they tease each other. :smirk: Heck, he’d probably try rig the game and spin it in their directions.

Which character would try to hook their friend up to a blind date?


Hahahahaa I love that as well. I think if Sophia was still single, Sonia would hook her up to a blind date. But I’m 100% sure that Sonia’d make the blind date Ray on purpose. Then, she’d get killed by Sophia. Then, Sophia would return the favor by setting her up on a blind date with Pete. They’d kill each other.

Which character would probably beat up Nathaniel? (Winston doesn’t count)


Aw, dang it. Maurice would annihilate Nathaniel if he went too far and pushed way too many buttons. And that’s saying something, because Maurice is pretty chill most of the time.

Which character would keep pestering their friend, asking if they have a crush, just so they could use that knowledge to tease them? My friend always does this. Even though I don’t even have a crush right now. She still goes like, “Ooooh, look, it’s your husband!” Whenever my old crush/friend walks by. And it’s super annoying. :joy:


Oh my gosh my old friends always used to do that. It gets so annoying hahaha. Oh I can see Pete doing that. He knew that Ray had a crush on Sophia and Victoria both, and he used this to his full power. He kept on pestering him so that he’d get even more info. Ray was like “I’m going to break your neck one day.”

Which character would probably fangirl/fanboy over someone from the Vampire Diaries? (if peeps read INI then they’d fan over Ray because his face claim plays someone in the Vampire Diaries)


Oh, I didn’t know Chris Wood was in the Vampire Diaries! Then again, I never watched it. Damon is hot, though. :joy: I could totally see Ravenna thinking the same thing and secretly being attracted to Ian’s character, even though she wouldn’t openly fangirl (because reputation, ya know?)

Which character would walk through the mall and sniff all the perfume samples, only to walk out after 5 hours with nothing? (Me :joy:)


(That’s me too hahaha. Yeah Chris Wood played Kai Parker in TVD. I thought it was really cool). I think Pete would do that, despite having no interest in perfume. He’d probably get it for Sophia, and then get really indecisive, and walk out. He’d also bring Ray along, and Ray would probably lose it when Pete says, “you know what, I don’t want anything.”

Which character would probably buy a new phone just to show off?


Oh, Nathaniel would totally do that. Doesn’t exactly help that he’s decently wealthy and has the money to waste.

Which character would try to sort everyone in their class into Hogwarts Houses? (I’ve done it and it was actually really fun. Even if people were giving me and my friend weird looks. :joy:)


Oh Sophia’s a total Potterhead for sure. (hahaha I’d do it too). She’d do a survey and then she’d collect the results… If people didn’t do it, she’d be like “YOU MUGGLES!”

Which character would go around singing the Hedwig theme horribly?


Oh, Griffin. He’d accidentally switch to a random song mid-tune. And Winston would be like, “Alright, wtf are you doing?”

Which character makes everyone around them face palm with shame? (Pete?)


Oh 100%. Pete is doing all sorts of random crap I swear. One minute, he’s singing Spongebob with no shirt on. The next moment, he’s singing Nirvana with no pants on. The next moment, he’s singing The Beatles while streaking around the school. Ray would probably scream in horror, then pack his bags, move to Croatia, and change his name to Mason Lira.

Which character is everyone neutral about?


Now I’m curious how Ray and Pete became friends. :joy::joy:

I think Draven, because like, everyone respects him, but at the same time, they don’t understand what he’s doing with someone like Ravenna. So they don’t exactly know how they should feel about him.

Which character does everyone dislike, but also respect?


George. He’s the boss, but he’s really cruel.


What character would everyone loathe?