Which Character Would Do That?


Everyone already hates Ravenna and Winston. Ravenna is at least respectable, though. Some even admire her. Winston, on the other hand, is mostly just hated and belittled. Ravenna for reasons that are her fault and Winston for reasons that are out of his control.

Which character does everyone find attractive?


Ellen. She’s part Veela.

Whuch character does everyone hold in high esteem?


Ravenna’s father, Richard. Highly respected man. Even though I personally kinda hate him.

Which character is most likely to cheat on their significant other? (One that they love.)


Samael, he’s Vara’s boyfriend. He doesn’t care.


Which character gets high the most?


Probably someone in Cain’s gang. He tries not to dapple into drugs, because he needs a clear mind in order to perform his criminal schemes.

Which character is the most calm in alarming situations?


Adara. She’s been in so many stressful situations, she’s mastered them.

Which character has the least control over their emotions?


Winston. He lashes out and has anger issues. He’s hurt people and broken things and feels guilty afterwards. He just can’t control it. He’s bottled up his negative emotions for way too many years that it’s finally boiling to the surface.

Which character is not as they seem?


Ubel. He acts a bit oblivious but he knows things some people can only have nightmares about.


Please add a question.


Sorry! I don’t why i keep forgetting.

Which character is the deadliest?


Ooooh… Probably a tie between Cain, Winston, and Maurice. Cain isn’t usually dangerous, but he does have a collection of deadly guns. Winston has an explosive temper, which could kill. Maurice is quite something else.

Which character is the most intimidating?


Probably Axel. His family is very powerful.

Which character is sad most of the time?


I’d like to say Winston, but he rarely appears sad. Because his sadness is always replaced by anger and a sour mood.

Which character is the most influential to those around them?


Adaline. She can be manipulative, but usually isn’t.

Which character has the biggest supply of weapons?


Cain. He has a collection of illegally owned guns.

Which character has the worst reputation?


James. No one likes him.

Which character has the best reputation?


Hm… That’s difficult. Probably Daphne. She’s the only one who people actually adore.

Which character twists cliches?


Adara does. She’s in a teen fiction. You know, average girl falls in love with perfect boy? Yeah, but she wants a girlfriend. She also has a birth defect. Also, Axel, Concord, Adaline, and Ellen. They’re in four different groups and they don’t fit the rules of their groups.

Which character is the most interesting?


I think they all have an interesting backstory that makes them who they are now. Ravenna isn’t just a cold hearted narcissist. Winston isn’t just a boy with an abusive childhood. Griffin isn’t just an optimistic daredevil. Cain isn’t just a “badboy” criminal with loads of guns. They all have motives and backstory to lead them where they are now. But judging by the opinions of critics and friends, Winston seems to intrigue people the most.

Which character has the most complex backstory?