Which Character Would Do That?


Alex. His childhood was a roller coaster that he’s almost fell of many times. He was many reasons why it’s good, but plenty of reasons why it’s bad. It’s complicated.

Which character is the simplest?


Hm… they’re all complex. Maybe Draven, just because his motives are more foggy than the rest.

Which character unnerves you the most?


Vara. She’s insane.

Which character do you want to die the most?


I hate some of them, but none I want to die. Actually… There is one. But their identity is a major spoiler.

Which character was the hardest to write?


Adara. She’s very complicated. She has a lot of feelings and worries. They way she describes things is very poetic in a sense. She’s also the darkest, but not in the way you’d expect a teenager to be.

Which character constantly surprises you?


I think they all surprised me. A majority of the characters changed. Characters that were originally villains ended up being well-liked protagonists. They all surprised me, but I’ll say it comes down to Ravenna and Maurice. Ravenna, because she was way more than I expected her to be. Maurice, because he’s unpredictable.

Which character do you relate to the most?


I relate to three characters the most. Axel, Alex, and Adara. Axel because he had to learn that a close family member is evil, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be. Alex because he had to learn that everyone is worth loving. Adara because she had to learn not to be afraid of things that you can’t control.

Which character do you relate to the most?


I think they all have something that I can relate to. Ravenna, because we both come from perfectionistic families and both have a strong desire to please our fathers. Winston, because we both feel unwanted sometimes and like we’re the least favorite child. And something that all three of us share in common is that we try to suppress our strongest emotion: sadness.

Which character do you hate?


There’s a villain I’m going to use named Dolores and I loathe her.

Which character do you think will go the farthest?


Ravenna. As twisted as she is, she’s going to go far. So will Maurice. All the manipulative ones will go far in their careers.

Which character was the easiest to write?


Vara. Just let out all of my rage, annoyance, and tiny bits of insanity congeal into one person.

Which character has confused you the most?


Ravenna. Like, girl, what’s up with your mood swings? Are you bipolar or are you just more complicated than I thought you were?

Which character makes you angry?



Which character makes you sad the most?


Winston. And another character that I can’t name due to spoilers.

Which character would make the worst parent?


Probably Connie which that’s why she doesn’t want kids.

Which character have trust issues?


Alex. He’s been through a lot;

Which character is the most cautious?


Maybe Valerie since she uses her logic to be careful.

Which character always use a punchline, when they are in under pressure?


Beatrice. She’s innocent and likes to distract herself from the problem.

Which character is the most paranoid?


In the beginning, Connie meeting with monsters, secret agents and enter a different world which is
worse than Hell. Paranoid is one of her problem.

Which character is a huge asshole but have a heart of gold?


Cain is really jerky sometimes. But he cares a lot. When he loves, he loves deeply.

Which character is the most morally grey?