Which Character Would Do That?


I would say Vara. She does a lot of bad stuff, but she does it because she’s mentally unstable. It’s not really her fault.

Which character is the most misjudged?


Winston. Easily. People judge him and blame him for things that he has no control over. It’s not all his fault.

Which character do you pity the most?


Alex. He has been through hell and back and he does not deserve it.


Which character do you think deserves a second chance?


Winston. He needs to actually have the opportunity to carve and choose his path. Not to have his circumstances or his past dictate his future. He just needs the chance to make things right.

Which character do you hold dear and why?


All of them except Dolores. They’re like my children. They all have little quirks and personalities that make them all special and capable of loving.

Which character would you throw by the wayside?


I don’t think that I ever would, realistically, but sometimes Kieran is such a clueless (and yes, I’m calling a genius clueless here), arrogant shithead that I can almost see myself pulling off the side of the road, reaching over, opening his car door and going “Okay, get out. Bye.” XD

Which character is the easiest for you to write?


Vara. Just let out all of my rage, annoyance, and tiny bits of insanity congeal into one person.

Which character was/is the hardest to write?


Again, I want to say Kieran, because even though he and I are so similar, he’s a lot stiffer and more arrogant than I am. Plus, all of the intrinsic traits and little quirks of his character, while they amuse me, don’t exactly make writing him any easier.

Which character would you want to be friends with?


Axel, Concord, Ellen, and Adaline. They are the rebels of their group. If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you’d know about the fours houses. They’re all sorted into the four houses, but totally break house stereotypes. They’re really cool and kind people.

Which character is the craziest?


I don’t think that any of them can be classified as clinically insane, or anywhere near, but in terms of a wild personality, Aidan is certainly that. Although, not really wild, per se… but kind of. He’s very reckless and mischievous and witty and has several not-so-good habits, but he also has a soft heart and as good of intention as anyone in his line of work can have.

Which character is the most similar to yourself?


I find myself similar to three characters the most. Axel, Alex, and Adara. Axel because he had to learn that a close family member is evil, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be. Alex because he had to learn that everyone is worth loving. Adara because she had to learn not to be afraid of things that you can’t control.

What character did you enjoy making the most?


I really, really enjoy writing Aidan. He’s just so witty and bantering and lighthearted, but it’s usually all a facade. In that way, he reminds me of myself a little.

Which character would be the best parent?


Beatrice. She’s so sweet and loving. She would be such a nurturing mother.

Which character is the strangest?


I really don’t think that I can call any of them strange. However, Kieran is certainly the most eccentric.

Which character is the most adventurous?


Axel. He loves mountains.

Which character is the worse with rules?


Lera. She got expelled from school, and for good reason too.

Which character is the most likely to daydream?


Beatrice. Honestly, she is the sweetest, most innocent girl.

Which character would make you cry if they died?


Tsano. She is a source of light and positivity, even in dark situations.

Which character would you hate the most in real life?


Dolores. She’s the worse.

Which character do you secretly want to kill?