Which Character Would Do That?


Ari. He’s been through a lot, but sometimes he feels like deadweight in a lot of the scenes he’s in because he’s so standoffish.

Which character is most likely to change their whole identity and move to a different country?


Vara. She’s the murderer.

Which character has an obsession?


They all do, in different ways.

Which character is the most cunning?


Sylfeia. It’s an assassin’s job.

Which character would fall in love with two lovers (where character C falls in love with both character A and character B)?


I don’t think any of them would, to be honest.

Which character is the most athletic?


Alexios because he is the leader of the Lupus Brotherhood and not a bookworm like Freya or Brendan.

Which character hates cats? Or at least would never ever own one?


Winston. He doesn’t have time for pets and if he could have one, he’d get a spider, not a cat. :joy:

Which character is the most passive aggressive?


Axel. He’s even more passive aggressive with his father.

Which character’s parent or parents are the evilest?


Leo’s, though it is her whole maternal side is a mess as they belong to the Red Hood. A woman only gang that hunts down supernaturals and helps to cause trouble by dealing them drugs. She doesn’t know who her father is because the Red Hood only cares about men for pregnancy purposes or if they are hunting together.

Which character has the most noble of intentions but messes things up (a lot of occasionally)?


Probably Draven. He has no cruel intentions, but he’s involved with cruel people and their cruel methods. So he’s caught in between.

Which character is the wealthiest?


Gate. He’s the son of royalty, but he’s more than just that.

Which characters happen to be reincarnations of two lovers?


No one.

Which character would probably sacrifice themselves to save someone else?


Winston, but depending on who it is. He’d definitely risk his life to save anyone else’s, but to directly sacrifice and die for them would depend on the person. He’d die for Cain in a heartbeat. And for Griffin.

Which character would complain about how stupid they are, while getting straight A’s in everything?


Oh I can see Pete doing that. He’d be like “oh my gosh I’m so bad at math and I’m bad at everything.” Ray would be like “you have a higher grade than me in Spanish so shut your mouth.”

Which character would probably lie about their grades?


Nathaniel for pride. He probably has C’s and D’s. Plus soccer practice.

Which character is the most clueless?


Jasmine is pretty clueless as she doesn’t understand why she has the power to bring dead things back to life. She also doesn’t understand why her Ex Boyfriend Elliot cheated on her or is out to ruin her life.

Which character is likely to divorce less than a year of being married?


Hm… I’ll say Nathaniel. He’s already decently wealthy, but he’ll still get married for a trophy wife. Only for the relationship to completely crash after a month or so.

Which character would never get married?


Oooh good question. I can see Ray joke about Pete never getting married. Pete wants to get married, but Ray just likes to tease him. I can see Victoria not getting married. She wouldn’t mind it, but I don’t see her getting married anytime soon.

Which character is the most shallow?


I’d like to say Ravenna, but she does care about intelligence and other factors that don’t have to do with physical looks. So I’ll say Maurice. He’s very shallow. There would only be two reasons he likes a girl: one, she’s pretty. Or two, she’s vengeful and knows what she wants. Literally Ravenna in a nutshell. :joy:

Which character is the most mysterious?


Lmao that is Ravenna in a nutshell. They’re all mysterious in their own way, I’d say. The one that’s the most INTRIGUING is Victoria. As a very complex character, you wonder her mindset and why she does her certain things. It gets your brain thinking. They’re all a little bit mysterious, but Victoria is the most.

Which character’s mindset is a total mystery?