Which Character Would Do That?


To readers? Richard and Maurice. To me personally as the author? Just Maurice. I have a very vague idea of where he came from and what made him the way he is, and I kinda like keeping it a bit vague, because it makes him a bit mysterious for me too. I think that’s why I like writing him (even though I’d very much would like to throw him against a wall).

Which minor character would you like to explore more about that isn’t going to be explored in INI?


Hmmmm that’s a good question. Ah let me think. I don’t think I’m going to explore Paul anymore. But I do want to explore why he insulted Sophia and started this long chain of drama haha. That’s interesting.

Which character would read Sonia’s diary?


I feel like Griffin would super conflicted as he sees her diary on her bed, being like, “Should I? No, it’s private. But I won’t tell anyone! Shut up, Finny. I’ll keep the secret, it’s not gonna harm anyone! No, no, stop!” Eventually, he’ll sneak a 10 second peak, then rush out of there like he saw a ghost.

Which character is the most dramatic?


Hahahahha. Oh Griffin. And I think all of them are dramatic in some way. Sonia can be dramatic, but it depends on the situation. She’d get dramatic if she wanted to piss someone off.

Which character would probably eat an onion and then probably start to die?


Griffin. He’d be like, “I’m fine, guys. Really, I—” chokes to death and vomits before he dies.

Which character would be scared to death of Richard? (Good night! I’m going to bed. I have school tomorrow.)


Alex is scared of almost everyone.

Which character overthinks things the most?


Kieran and Raven overthink everything, but not necessarily in a bad way. They are able to plan and think of nearly every possible reaction to any given action.

Which character is the most opinionated?


Ravenna. She’s so opinionated to the point of mild prejudice.

Which character is the most likely to pursue modeling?


Raven and Mistral both could, to be honest. I mean, the boys could, but Kieran would never consider it, and Aidan would probably get bored.

Which character would tame a dragon?


Lucien. He has quite a lot of experience with dragons, even if he doesn’t know it.

Which character is most likely to fall asleep in class?


Pete probably, especially in math. He hates math, and the subject itself is so boring. I can see this happening:

“So cab anyone tell me the sine of-“

Which character would probably get sprayed by a skunk?


Nathaniel. If people don’t like him bothering them, neither would a skunk.

Which character is the most likely to plan out every single detail of an event?


Adara. She likes things to be thought out and planned.

Which character has the highest self-esteem?


Definitely not Victoria XD. Oh Pete and Ray have a high self esteem for sure. Ray always likes to act narcissistic and self absorbed sometimes, just to tick people off a little bit. He doesn’t mean it, but he likes to do it. He’s had years worth of self praise and all of that. Pete, on the other hand, loves to tick people off a little bit too much. That’s why I’m really really surprised that no one has punched his face out. looks at Sonia Yes I know you’re this close to doing it holds fingers a millimeter apart

Which character is the most cocky?


Thomas pretends to be to people other than his friends.

Which character pretends the most?


Oh Lisa for sure. She puts on such an act and it can get repulsing sometimes. I can’t divulge why though :slight_smile:

Which character could you never get mad at?


Adaline and Alex. They’re the most timid out of all my characters. Both of really dark pasts and both just want someone to tell them they’re enough.

Which character gets the angriest?


Hmmm… if she’s setting her foot down, Ramona can get pretty angry. It’s usually not at Ray, but more towards Randy. He’s really really rebellious, so I’m not surprised.

Which character is the most rebellious?


Axel. His very name means rebel.

Which character has the most meaningful name?


Sonia and Sophia’s names mean wisdom (in Russian and Greek respectively). Ray’s means wise protector (I think) because his mom sensed that he’d do something great when he grew up. Victoria… I don’t know about that. I think Sophia and Sonia have the most meaningful names.

Which character has the most unique name?