Which Character Would Do That?


All my characters in my story Simple Wishes. Their names are Adara, Skye, Jared, and Cordelia.

Which character has the simplest name?


Pete probably. His full name is Peter Aksel Klein but that’s as simple as you can get.

Which character has the most unique ancestry?


Alex. He’s an immigrant from the Caribbean, but his mother is French.

Which character is the picture perfect American?


Dunno. Define “picture perfect American.”

Which character’s life is a TV drama gone wrong?


Ooooh, that would be a spoiler. :blush:

Which character is the golden child?


Oh we all know Ray is the total golden child. He’s got the perfect grades, is a chill dude… really, you can’t find a SINGLE flaw in him. It’s kinda annoying, but then you love the guy at the same time. (btw, I took your advice. I’m drafting “The Awesome Diaries: The Entries of a Best Friend.” It’s Sonia’s diary entries, and it’ll document important events throughout Sophia’s life and Sonia’s life for a good 5 years, starting from 7th grade. So thank you for approving your idea and for the feedback. I appreciate it :slight_smile: )

Which character seems like a devil, but they’re not that bad?


AHHHHHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!! Okay, I’ll chill down now and answer the question. :joy: I think Ravenna’s bad. But she’s not as bad as people make her out to be. She has more to her than just being a narcissistic, sociopathic, little devil (okay, that’s exaggerating a bit, she’s neither of those, but she definitely seems to be on the outside).

Which character holds the longest grudges?


My villains Bloodletter and Troy Schaefer. They’ve been at each other’s throats for about 8 years.

Which character is the most heroic?


Hm, I think that’s very subjective. Everyone messes up and makes the wrong choices. Some make up for it, while others never do. One of the important things in my story is leaving characters to readers’ interpretation, so I’d say I would leave it to readers’ opinions. :blush: But in my personal opinion? Probably Winston or Cain. Even if neither are the conventional type of heroic. (I mean, both are criminals, what do you expect?)

Which character is the most ambiguous/open to interpretation?


(I’m glad you’re excited! It’ll probably come after INI’s done, but I’m excited to write it for you guys!). I think Victoria is ambiguous. You can interpret her as someone who is just plain out insane. However, you can also view her as a potentially damaged, and pity worthy person. She’s ambiguous that way.

Which character is the bravest?


Winston. If I could sum up all my characters in one word, Winston’s word would definitely be “courageous”. He’s brave, but also temperamental. But despite his anger issues, he tries to do what he feels is right, even if it’ll get him into loads of trouble (with Ravenna, probably).

Which character do you not know how to feel about and why?


Oooh Victoria for sure. I don’t know how to feel about her. As an author, it’s especially conflicting. Because I consider her to be evil and harsh in some ways, but in other ways, I kinda sympathize with her. But at the same time, I know I made a good villain if I’m questioning it like this. Because good villains are ones that make you question whether or not they’re as bad as they’re portrayed. In my opinion, that’s a good villain.

Which character would probably sympathize with Victoria?


I think that despite himself, Winston wouldn’t and couldn’t hate Victoria no matter what she did. Because he understands her on a personal level. Both have been belittled and compared by their parents (just his mother for Winston) to the point that it damaged their self esteem long term. And Winston doesn’t have any friends who can relate to that personal struggle. So he’d understand and empathize with Victoria.

Which character would be suspicious of Draven for being involved with Ravenna?


Ray wouldn’t be suspicious, but he’d definitely question why Draven was in the clique. He’d be like “dude, she’s the actual spawn of Satan itself. Why in the name of hell are you friends with her?” $10 that he’d say that with Ravenna 5 feet away from him. And another $10 that is the day that Raymond Andrew Richards is brutally murdered.

Which character would probably be suspicious of Sonia?


R.I.P. Raymond Andrew Richards. You shall be missed. :joy::joy: I think at first glance, Winston would be like, “She’s super pretty, she’s blonde, she’s smart, and she looks gracefully innocent. That’s Ravenna in a nutshell!!!” Then, he’d get a dose of Sonia’s actual personality and be like, “I feel shamed for even presuming that you could be like that fake ass spawn of Satan.”

Which character would deal with sadness by laughing to cover it up? Just something I remembered, because my class was watching a Holocaust interview and some of the boys laughed throughout, despite how depressing it was. But I couldn’t get angry, because I knew some people just deal with sadness that way.


Ray is the absolute worst person to deal with sadness. Pete’s a close second. Ray shuts himself off from everyone else when he’s sad, and that’s the worst thing ever. But when he’s noticeably sad, he gives a really forced laugh. It honestly doesn’t work because everyone can see through it like it’s glass. And Sophia would give him a hug.

Which character would be an organ donor?


Definitely Daphne and Griffin. Both are selfless and caring people who wouldn’t hesitated to help others if they need it.

Which character is most likely to be emotionally abusive to their lover?


Oh Lisa for sure. She’d be the most emotionally abusive person ever. And she’d also cheat on them 24/7, and emotionally blackmail her lover to stay with her. I’d never date Lisa.

Which character is the most likely to just be abusive?


I feel like Maurice would be emotionally and even sexually abusive. Yeah… He’s not great. The only reason why he lets Ravenna steer is because she has control over him and she has the option to kick him out if he stepped out of line. But if it were any other girl, he’d take advantage of his power.

Which character is the most likely to blackmail a bully?


Probably Sonia. She has great blackmailing skills, but she never puts them to use. She hates bullies so much, and she wouldn’t be able to stand them. She’d blackmail them with some good photoshop, and then they’d be like “I’m out gosh.”

Which character would probably tell Sonia to dye her blonde hair?