Which Character Would Do That?


Winston, but just as a harmless suggestion to put pink highlights to compliment her blonde hair. He’d say, “It’ll make you even prettier.” And Sonia would start blushing like crazy. :joy:

Which character would challenge Sonia? (From INI)


An idiot that’s who :joy:. In terms of roasting and blackmail and blah blah, I can see Victoria doing it. Never done it, but they’d be a good fighter. I can see Roman (being the insensitive di-) doing it physically, and then Sonia beating him up so badly. He’d be like “MOMMY!! PLEASE HELP! THIS GIRL IS BULLYING ME!” And Sonia would be like “you asked for it. LITERALLY.”

Which character would probably fight Ray? (again, an idiot would do that)


Winston would fight anyone if he had the drive to (even though I feel like he’d get along very well with Ray). Cain would only fight him in self-defense and would rather just chat over some beer. Maurice would annihilate anyone if you triggered him enough (which I swear would be the hardest thing to do. Nearly impossible).

Which character is most likely to draw themselves into an abusive relationship?


Oh my that’s a really good question! Ahh but a hard one as well. I think Sophia would draw herself into an abusive relationship. One flaw she has is that she sees the good in everyone. That can be a good thing, but she may still see the good in someone after they’ve done horrible things to her. So she’d draw herself in .

Which character would probably buy a $1 wedding ring for their wedding?


I could see Maurice, being the wealthy douche that he is, spending thousands on his wedding ring and only $1 for his fiance. $0.99 if he thinks she’s worthless.

Which character would be interested in the business career path?


Damn Maurice is a freaking prick. I think David is interested (hell, he’s a business major himself in college. It’s perfect) He’s always had an interest in business, so it works out.

Which character shoud wear a sign that says “douchebag?”


Maurice really is something else. I’m conflicted, because I feel like Nathaniel is the typical “douchebag” teen, player, jock stereotype. So I feel like he deserves that title. The only reason why I wouldn’t choose Maurice is because he’s quite another thing that goes beyond just being a “douchebag”.

Which character do you hate, but also respect?


The damn Multi Man. Sure, he’s a manipulative psychopath with a large body count but he’s also incredibly intelligent, so much that underestimating him is a death wish. So in a way, it’s more of a respect out of fear.

Which character wouldn’t last long in the real world (as in not their fictional one)?


They do technically live in the real world, because they live in a real place. So I don’t think it’d change much. They all seem to be surviving for the time being, but I’ll say Winston struggles the most for the same reasons he struggles in the book.

Which character is most likely to flirt with others while already being in a relationship?


A minor character is some cassanova, but not 100% successful though. He tried to indirectly flirt with the amnesiac female main character to no success.

Which character would try to fight his/her romantic feelings for another character?


Adara did because she believes she’s gonna die soon.

Which character is the coolest?


Coolest? I don’t know that I would use the word ‘cool’ to describe anyone, but I suppose that Aidan might come the closest.

Which character is the most damaged?


Alex all the way.

Which character has depression?


None of them have depression.

Which character is the most risque?


Thomas with his filthy mind

Which character is the loudest speaker?


None of them usually, but Aidan can be pretty damn loud sometimes.

Which character is the most lighthearted?


Beatrice. Little innocent bean.

Which character is the cutest?


I don’t really think that you can call any of them cute, to be honest xD

Which character is the most personable?


I’d have to say Axel.

Which character is the richest?


Kieran is a multibillionaire, so that places him at the top of the list, but they all are rich.

Which character would you want as a sibling?