Which Character Would Do That?



Which character is the quietest?


Kieran, by far, but Raven also assumes a taciturn, silent demeanlr at times.

Which character possesses a distinctive trait of yours?


Ambition and a desire to impress our fathers. But believe me, she takes it way overboard to the extremes.

Which character is the most empathetic?


It’s between Ren and Atiel. Ren understands where everyone is coming from and really loves psychology. Atiel fights for what’s right every waking minute of his life, and really feels for those being oppressed.

Which character is most likely to quit something after one try?


Winston. He no longer has a strong drive, because he’s been disappointed too many times. So he’d give up quicker than everyone else.

Which character is the most selfish when it comes to food?


Jaehyun, for sure. Like, it wouldn’t even occur to him to share. He’d be eating and see someone staring at his food and be like ‘oh, are you hungry?’ and then when they said yes he’d be like, ‘u should’ve packed a snack, then.’

Which of your characters is the most easily frightened?


Probably Griffin. Though he’d never admit it and would try to toughen up.

Which character deserves the “Most Nerdiest Character” award?


Honestly Ray. That guy can speak a few languages, knows a lot, and really, he’s awesome. He’s a really smart guy, and pretty much the best nerd ever. Ah, I love that guy.

Which character is so dumb that a rock seems like Einstein?


Nathaniel is pretty stupid, defeating the Asian stereotype. Okay, he’s not that stupid, he’s just a bit slow and doesn’t really try that hard in academics. He only tries hard in sports and he’s honestly not even that good.

Which character would be voted as the “Most Likely to be a Sociopath”?


Hmmm… people would consider Roman a psychopath. If he was still at the school, then he’d probably be voted that.

Which character would probably be conceived out of an affair?


Oooh, that’s a good question, but a hard one to answer, because it’s less about the character themselves and more about their parents. Hm… Definitely not Ravenna, because she looks just like her dad, except she has her mom’s eyes. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Winston wasn’t actually Austin’s full-blooded brother. They have very different features, but still look alike. But at the same time, his mother and father divorced when Winston was barely 3 years old. So there’s a very good chance the marriage was already shaky when Winston was conceived and I could totally see his mother cheating on his father out of spite. (Woah, did I just create a theory for my own story? :joy:)

Which character is most likely to get a divorce?


Woah you just did. Conspiracies :smirk: . I don’t know about that, honestly. I think Victoria would get a divorce. I’d feel like she’d probably marry young out of spite or something, and then the marriage would fall apart years later.

Which character is the most compassionate?


Hm, a good tie between Daphne, Griffin, and Winston. Daphne is the obvious one who does everything she can to help others. Griffin spreads joy, happiness, and friendships. Winston doesn’t actively try to help people, but if he sees that someone needs help and he has the power to help, then he’ll do it. But I say he’s compassionate, because when he loves, he loves fiercely and nothing you could do will change that. Even if the person he loves screwed him over.

Which character is the most perfectionistic?


Oh… that’s a really good question. I really think Sophia can be a perfectionist. she can be so picky when it comes to certain things. Especially when it comes to cleanliness. So she’s a perfectionist.

Which character makes the most mistakes?


I think they’ve all made tons of mistakes that landed them where they are now. But if I have to narrow it down, I’ll say Cain and Winston. Cain, because although he has an excuse, still chose the path of crime. He could’ve rejected it, but he didn’t. He embraced it instead. Winston, because while a lot of things in his life were out of his control (unlike Cain), he also made bad choices that seemed good in the moment but are probably more harmful in the long-run.

Which character would join the circus?


Pete because he’s such a clown already XD. Just kidding, but yes, I’d see him joining the circus.

Which character should literally wear a red nose because they look like a clown?


:joy::joy: Griffin, but mainly because of his personality and his auburn hair. He’ll be an adorable little clown.

Which character is the least good-looking?


I think they’re all good looking in some sort of way. I can’t decide who’s the LEAST good looking. Maybe Randy or Ross.

Which character would probably break 10 things while juggling? (Griffin doesn’t count)


Awww crap. He’d break 20 things, five of which would be his mother’s vases. Hm… Honestly, who would attempt to juggle dangerously like that without knowing how to actually juggle properly? Only Griffin. :joy:

Which character would find it the hardest to admit (even to themselves) that they are in love with someone?


In one case Hawke, in another Jaye, and then there’s Reise…

Which character would want a relative to go in prison?