Which Character Would Do That?


From my english stories I don’t have many characters to choose from but I’d say Fara since her sister Suja tried to ruin her relationship in a very unfair way.
From the German ones most likely Emilthia. If you count the man who raised her as a father. Although she’d probably rather see him dead by her own hands.

Which character is most likely to become evil?


Both Kieran and Raven have the potential to become evil, thanks to their morally grey beliefs.

Which character would be most likely to become famous?


Gate. Being a prince is one reason. What more as a ruler of his kingdom?

Which character would almost successfully marry a person with authority (and if answerable, why it didn’t happen)?


All of my MCs could, but only Raven probably would. However… she’s not really the marrying type; the rest are just even less likely to marry than she is.

Which character is the most dangerous?


The important characters in my story can be dangerous in their own way, like when Gate’s emotional outbursts turns him into a destroyer, Sylfeia being a frightening interrogator, etc. Even supernatural villains can be dangerous, like Zephrim, one of the main villains in my first book.

Which character would take a lengthy time before trusting someone?


They all do.

Which character is the most hotheaded?


Jaye. She has the shortest fuse of the group.

Which character tends to hear voices?


I don’t think any of them hear voices on a regular basis. So I guess they’re all tied.

Which character is the most cunning?


Kieran, but Raven is pretty damn close.

Which character is the least guileful?


Griffin. He doesn’t have a single cunning bone in his body.

Which character is the social justice warrior?


Atiel, at least he tries to be. He’s trying to become more educated.

Which character has broken the most bones?


Easily Griffin. I think he lost count.

Which character is the clumsiest?


Sophia’s so clumsy it’s adorable. I can’t name the amount of things she’s bumped into, broken, burnt, or tripped over. Ray always jokes that he’s spent the most time helping her up off of her feet.

Which character is the most triggering?


Personally? I’d say Nathaniel with Maurice close behind. When trying to push people’s buttons, Nathaniel would say things above and beyond, not actually caring what it means or how hurtful it is. He just gets off by bothering people and he always goes too far when they don’t react the way he wants them to. So verbally, Nathaniel says the most triggering things. I’ll say Maurice in a close second, not because he’s offensive, but because he’s the type who you get along with most of the time, but then he drops a bomb on you when you least expect it. And plus, he’s the type of guy that your family always warned you to stay away from. Just not the stereotypical kind. I’m being a bit vague with Maurice, but that’s all for a reason. :blush:

Which character is the most bigoted?


One of my story’s villains Alvin Greenwald. He’s a KKK member so that pretty much sums that up.

Which character would be the best parent?


Daphne, easily. She’s sweet, but she’ll set down boundaries. Plus, she babysits and is great when working with children.

Which character is the most strong willed?


A tie between my protagonists Margo and Clyde. Despite being from 2 different stories, they’ve both learned to work through the pain to do what’s best for everyone.

Which character has to make the hardest decisions?


Ooh, I think they all do. But specifically, maybe Winston, because all of his decisions are personal stuff that could destroy and dictate the rest of his life.

Which character is the most likely to be abusive/toxic in a relationship and not know it?


Both Raven and Kieran have that capacity.

Which character would try as hard as they could to repress their feelings for another?


Both Winston and Ravenna, but for two completely different reasons. Winston, because he has bad, traumatic experiences with love. Ravenna, because she rarely gets attached to people in general, so if she ever gained feelings for someone, it would be such an unfamiliar, foreign feeling that she won’t be able to grasp.

Which character is most likely to win a boxing match?