Which Character Would Do That?


Jack, especially since he’s an actual MMA fighter

Which character would be a good basketball player?


Nathaniel. He’s tall and slender and very quick on his feet from soccer. So he’d make a good basketball player if he decides to give up soccer.

Which character do you torture the most?


Gate. The way I develop him requires something like that, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

Which character would do the torture?


They all would, if necessary.

Which character would kill first, ask questions later?


There is one, but I’m afraid their identity and name would be a spoiler.

Which character acts before they think?


Em, for the most part.

Which character wants a receipt for anything they buy?


I think most of them do. Ravenna most especially, so she could have evidence of how much expensive stuff she buys on a regular basis.

Which character is the most stubborn?


Aidan…? But they’re all so very stubborn.

Which character would spend all of their inheritance within a couple of years?


Nathaniel. He’s use all his wealth as if it was unlimited.

Which character angers you the most?


I don’t think any of them anger me, to be honest.

Which character is an absolute cinnamon roll?


Griffin. He’s an absolute cinnamon roll and others seem to think so too.

Which character is the most fake? (Putting up a front/facade.)


Luna since her whiny attitude covers her insecurity.

Which character likes animals more than humans?


I think that all of them prefer animals at some times, but only because their lives are so full of lies and backstabbing that they’d rather spend time around animals. Who, needless to say, do neither of those things.

Which character would kill to preserve their life?


Don Don kills for anything so I guess Dre.

Which of your characters would excel as an actor?


They all would, but I think Raven in particular, partly because of her attractiveness and partly because she’s already so good at it. Aidan too, for the same reasons.

Which character is your favorite to write, and why?


I enjoy writing all of them, so I won’t be able to choose only one. Probably a tie between Ravenna, Winston, and Griffin. Ravenna, because she’s so vain and egotistical that it’s fun to write in her perspective. Winston, because he’s so bitter and angry, but I love him. Griffin, because he’s an absolute cinnamon roll and he makes me happy.

Which character do you despise writing and why?


I don’t think that I despise writing any of them, but sometimes certain characters and scenes are harder to write than others.

Which character has the most complicated romance life?


Winston for reasons that would be spoilery if I got into details. But let’s just say it’s complicated.

Which character would you be afraid of?


I’m not sure. I mean, on the one hand, they’re my characters and I know all of their secrets and their true personalities, so I don’t think that I could ever truly be scared of them, but… if I didn’t know all of that, probably Kieran.

Which character has the most refined palate?


Ravenna and her father, Richard. She obviously gets it from her fathed.

Which character acts the most sophisticated?