Which Character Would Do That?


I don’t think that I can call any of them cowards.

Which character is the most likable?


Probably Griffin or Daphne. Both extroverted social butterflies that get joy from talking, hanging out, or helping to others. They’re like everyone’s best friend.

Which character is the meanest?


I suppose Kieran, because he doesn’t really care about anyone.

Which character is the most nurturing?


Daphne by far. She wants to pursue nursing.

Which character has the worst relationship with their family?


Raven and Mistral do.

Which character has no/the lowest moral standards?


Maurice. None that I know of. There are some unmoral, cruel, inhumane things that he wouldn’t do, but only because society deems them wrong and not because he doesn’t have the will power to do it.

Which character is the worst person to get into a physical fight with?


I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with any of them, to be honest, but Raven has a kind of meticulous ruthlessness that makes me think I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her fist.

Which character is the most timid?


Probably Gavin. But he does speech and debate and is pretty decent at it. He’d only talk when asked to though, so he kinda qualifies as timidish.

Which character is the most under pressure?


Kieran and Raven, for reasons that are similar but yet completely at odds with each other XD

Which character is the most carefree?


GRIFFIN. He’s so carefree and reckless, it’s almost dangerous.

Which character is the most clumsy?


I wouldn’t call any of them clumsy, but I suppose that Aidan comes the closest.

Which character would you never want to meet?


Ravenna. Like, keep that girl 2938478383 miles away from me. Maurice too, because I’d totally be attracted to him physically, but he’s soooooo…not good, that’s for sure.

Which character would you really want to meet in real life if you could bring one character to life?


I’d like to meet Margo. (Remember Savannah) We’re close in age and I think I could help her somewhat not be shy. I’d also like to have a discussion with her.

Which character would you like to go on a date with?


As much as I like Winston, I doubt we’d be compatible as a couple. He still needs to learn to love himself before he could offer himself to someone else. Hm… I think I’d like Alec or Austin, both intelligent gentlemen with good looks and a seemingly successful future.

Which character would you hate if you met them in real life?


As much as I love him, I’d probably hate Kieran if I met him in real life. I’m sure I’d warm up to him eventually, though.

Which character is almost the exact replica of someone you know in real life?


No one. Every character I ever create isn’t purposefully based on real life, because I like to keep them separate in separate worlds. But I do see a lot of Ravenna’s ambition in my sister, although I didn’t notice it until much later. Normally, I’d feel bad for comparing her to Ravenna, but she said she doesn’t mind, because she likes her character. And they’re both Aries too.

Which character was the hardest to develop?


Margo. Not only did I have to make her transition from naive newcomer to mature experienced police officer interesting, I also had to find a way to make her subplot of dealing with paranoid schizophrenia compelling and inspiring.

Which character is static (they don’t change much in personality but still have a lot of depth)?


Hm… That’s a bit hard, because the story revolves around change and character development. I’ll say Draven changed the least. I mean, I think he had a personal awakening, but his personality is generally still the same.

Which character opened your eyes the most and why? (Meaning they allowed you to see another viewpoint/side/spectrum and exposed you to something new.)


All the characters in my upcoming story Sky’s The Limit. The story in general opened my eyes since I learned more about the 1920’s and 30’s, especially the culture, music, and technology.

Which character would be popular in school?


Ravenna is popular, but in the sense that everyone knows her, not that they like her. If by “popular” in the sense that everyone adores them, definitely Griffin.

Which character is a hopeless romantic?