Which Character Would Do That?


None of them XD

Which character has no sense of romance at all?


Maurice. Funny how he has so many exes are aren’t actually exes, because technically, he’s never been in a true relationship before. Only sexual relationships that last a few months at most. Funny for him, sad for the girls he used.

Which character makes you question human nature?


I mean… I already am… but probably Kieran. He doesn’t care, but he’s not quite sociopathic. He’s ruthless, but he has lines that he won’t cross. He will have you killed for a reason that may seem minor, but he hates shedding blood.

Which character makes you inspect yourself as a person?


Kenny, since the main conflict he’s enduring is similar to one I’m currently going through. He makes me wonder if I can solve my problem the same way he eventually does.

Which character do you find inspiring?


Hm… Probably Winston in a weird way. Like, he has so many bad traits and stuff, but I really admire how he never plays victim and instead continues to push forward with life, even though he has no will to live anymore.

Which character complains the most about the little things?


Beatriz, she is very compulsive about this kind of things. She is a firm believer that they live in the perfect world and thus everything MUST be perfect. Do not dare to have a library badly organized in your house if she is around. She inherited this from her parents

Which character would be willing to change everything they believed just because they were offered a better house if they do so?


I don’t think any of them would, to be honest. They all have very strong senses of principle.

Which character has the strongest principles?


95% of them
The book is built in characters with strong principles, the plot is basically a war over political system (Which when analyzed a little lightly is just a typical Democracy VS Dictatorship but if you analyze it better you will notice both sides had extremely complex ideas which they followed by heart), the remaining ones are basically apoliticals, power-seekers and stuff

Which character would just laught at a dead threat?



Lol no problem. And Kieran would, because there are only one or two people who could issue death threats to him that actually hold any weight.

Which character is intelligent to the point of omnipresence?


Probably Draven. Somehow, he knows a lot. Probably because he’s a careful listener.

Which character is the most likely to be abusive in a relationship?


Emotionally abusive is probably going to be Lisa. She’d emotionally and mentally blackmail her lover like that and it’s unreal. Sexually and physically abusive? Roman. That idiot is such a prick and so low leveled so I’m sure that he’d do something to his lover.

Which character is most likely to end up on the streets?


For some reason, my first thought was Cain, but he’s more likely to end up behind bars than on the streets. He’s too well-off due to crime to end up homeless or broke. Maybe Winston, because he doesn’t try. But as long as Cain isn’t in jail, he’ll take care of him, give him a home, and a career in crime too. So Winston could either go to jail or go homeless if Cain can’t protect him.

Which character makes the worst decisions? (Or if it’s a spoiler, which character generally sucks at decision making?)


Kind of a spoiler :slight_smile:

Which character is too cautious?


Probably Draven or Ravenna. Ravenna hates making risks if she has more to lose than to gain. To her, it wouldn’t be worth the risk unless she had something big to gain.

Which character overthinks the little things?


Kieran and Raven think of every little thing, but it’s not necessarily over-thinking, per se.

Which character loves their life exactly as it is?


Daphne, maybe?

Which character has the hardest time accepting themself?


Clyde and Kenny, given the fact their entire stories are devoted to them accepting themselves.

Which character would give to charity or even start one?


Kieran perhaps. He certainly has the funds for it.

Which character has the largest fortune?


I was going to say Ravenna, but it seems like Maurice being the son of a Senate laywer is going to tie him up pretty evenly.

Which character is the most arrogant?


Oh Roman for sure. not only that, that brat is so entitled and it makes me sick. He thinks that he’s entitled to have some of the finest things life offers, and he believes that he is too good for all his male peers.

Which character hates electronics?