Which Character Would Do That?


Lol, that question made me think of another fictional character that doesn’t even belong to me. I feel like Winston doesn’t like electronics, unless he has use of it, like a cell phone to contact people.

Which character would join a Super Bowl party?


Ray’s a big sports person, so I’d say him. He’d be cheering, having fun, and eating a lot.

Which character would probably deflate a football?


Elliot would probably deflate a football as he’s from Paris and probably isn’t fond of American Football.

Which character is likely to be in a major sports league?


(Lol, is that a Tom Brady reference?)


I could see Channing go into the NFL. And Griffin becoming a track runner in the Olympics.

Which character is most likely to pretend they hate a show or movie when it’s secretly their guilty pleasure?




Oh Pete for sure. When Sonia is watching the Vampire Diaries, and fangirling over Damon, Pete would be like “ew that show’s so horrible.” Then, when he’s home alone, he’ll be binging the show, and be like “COME ON STEFAN DATE ELENA ALREADY!”

Which character is most likely to go into weight lifting?


I could see Channing going into weight-lifting with the sole purpose of doing it to help increase his football performance.

Which character is most likely to cheat in a major sports game or test?


I was about to say Ray, but I realized that he’d be too honest to do so. I feel like Lisa would cheat on a test, and she’d probably get away with it because she’s super sly that way.

Which character is too honest to cheat?


Draven. I can’t see him cheating. One of the things he shares in common with Ravenna is that they both like earning through hard work, because it makes them feel geuninely accomplished.

Which character is the most likely to end up rich?


Good question. Ray is into mechanical and aeronautical engineering, and that pays a LOT. Sonia’s into psychology, and that pays a lot as well. Ray and Sonia tied, plus Ray has his family’s wealth so…

Which character would live paycheck to paycheck?


I was going to say Winston, but in all honesty, he’s going to get into crime with Cain and they’d be pretty well off with money laundering as long as they don’t get caught. They all live in OC in a suburban town where homeless people are very uncommon, so it’s mostly middle to high class there. But I honestly don’t know who’s the least wealthy. A majority of the characters are just normal middle class. I can name the richest, but not the least wealthy ones.

Which character could or would go into modeling?


I feel like Sonia would definitely go into modeling. She’s gorgeous, feisty, and really interesting, so she’d be great as a model. I could see her walking down the runway for Victoria’s Secret.

Which character would make people swoon?


Ooof, that could have multiple answers. Griffin could charm anyone in the most innocent ways, but not in that way. Ravenna would make guys drool if they didn’t already know what she was and what she did. She’d be 297283738 times more attractive if she was a stranger. Maurice makes girls swoon until they faint, but only because of his looks. Both characters have nasty personalities that come out once you set aside their good looks.

Which character is the most flirtatious?


Since you didn’t wish that Roman would die in a ditch, I’m going to say him. He’s a desperate prick, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he would flirt with a trash can. Behind that, Lisa. But there’s always a motive behind it.

Which character would force someone to do their math homework for them?


I can imagine how ridiculous he’d look. :joy::joy: Hm… I can only imagine some characters asking to copy, not forcing someone to do the work for them. I can imagine Griffin and Winston being lazy/desperate, then slyly ask for answers. But Winston’s likely to just give random answers and be like, “I’m done. I finally finished my homework for once.” And you realize he got 2% correct.

Which character is the most ambitious?


Kieran is basically the explicit definition of ambitious.

Which character wants the simplest life?


Probably Winston. Because he doesn’t even want to live anymore.

Which character is the most pessimistic?


Elena. She has hope in that the rebellion will win but she is very pessimistic during most of the book about what will happen after (Since the world will never be same after everything) and most of the time she doesn’t think she will get out of this situation alive

Which character is the most patriotic?


None of them are XD

Which character has no allegiance to anyone?