Which Character Would Do That?


Hm… That’s difficult. Even the most independent characters have some sort of allegiance. Maybe Winston? I mean, he definitely has allegiances, but he doesn’t take them as seriously.

Which character is the most co-dependant?


Fable, probably.

Which character is the most optimistic?


Griffin, definitely.

Which character is the biggest book nerd?


Oh Sophia. She practically lives in books. She is such a bookworm, and I’m the same

Which character has the quickest mind?


Probably Ravenna. She picks up on the little things very quickly and never forgets details, no matter how insignificant they are. That’s why she’s so good with using rumors and weaknesses against people.

Which character is the most wholesome in your opinion?


Margo since she has an exercise routine and a healthy diet. Justified since she’s a doctor.

Which character would you want by your side in the zombie apocalypse?


Winston. He’s quick, has street smarts, and can swing a bat well. And if he’s afraid, he wouldn’t be showing it.

Which character is the most secretive about their personal life to others?


Hisashi is the most secretive about his life. He has done many things in his past he is not proud of.

Which character is most likely to eat an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting?


Griffin, definitely. He’d probably do it while watching Spongebob.

Which character is the most difficult to please?


Cherish. She nitpicks things and is used to having a privileged life.

Which character would forgot to put new batteries in the smoke alarm?


Griffin. He’d forget he even had a smoke alarm in the first place.

Which character is the most promiscuous?


Clyde considering how drunk he gets. Holden, too, since he’s going through puberty.

Which character has dated the most?


Hm… I’d like to say Maurice has the most exes, but they weren’t exactly real “relationships” to begin with. So either him or Ravenna.

Which character is the most conservative?


Conservative? XD I suppose Kieran would be the closest, though calling him conservative would be a very large stretch.

Which character is the most musically-oriented?


Probably Griffin at one point. Not anymore, though.

Which character is the worst person to argue with?


Jack since he’s really good at manipulating arguments to work in his favor. Plus, he gets really dangerous when he’s angry.

Which character would be the best parent?


Probably Daphne. She’s sweet and understanding, but will set boundaries.

Which character would be the worst parent?


Pretty much all of my characters who aren’t actual parents lol. Special shoutout to my more psychotic characters.

Which character has a good career?


Richard, Ravenna’s father. He was a business operations manager in the prequel, until in the main novel, he was promoted up to a much higher, prestigious rank (which I forgot the name of). But I’ll also give Maurice’s father a tie, because he’s a Senate lawyer (Congressman/politician).

Which character is most likely to end up homeless?


I can’t see any of them ending up homeless, to be honest. Well, maybe two of the secondary characters, but all of my MCs are far too rich and smart to ever end up on the streets.

Which character got all straight A’s in high school?