Which Character Would Do That?



Which character would carry out an assassination?


Raven is the character that came immediately to mind, but Mistral and Aidan would as well, if the exigency was urgent enough.

Which character couldn’t hurt a fly?


Daphne. She’d feel guilty.

Which character doesn’t use money wisely?


They’re all pretty frugal. I mean, Raven or Mistral might spend extravagantly once in a while, but it would still be hardly a dent in their coffers.

Which character is the most stingy with their money?


I’d normally say Ravenna, but she’s rich enough not to mind spending money on others. Same thing with Maurice. I guess Nathaniel is the most stingy with his money.

Which character is the most shiny from the outside view?


Shiny? Literally or figuratively? Because Raven and Mistral have an affinity for silver and gold, respectively, and have even been known to go so far as to dust their skin with the powdered metals on occasion. Figuratively, I suppose it would be Kieran, as he has a reputation for being one of the handsomest, most eligible bachelors in the world.

Which character would be least expected to doublecross the protagonist?


I’m afraid that’s a spoiler. But probably Draven or Griffin, because both are ridiculously loyal.

Which character is the most subtle in their ways and methods?


KIERAN. He’s the epitome of subtle.

Which character doesn’t care what anyone thinks?


Ravenna. They could hate her (most people do), love her (only horny peeps), or think she’s a freaking queen (this is her favorite), but in general, she doesn’t really care about people’s opinions of her, so long as they don’t degrade or underestimate her capablities because her pride is unlimited. Other than that, they can hate on her all they want (internally, of course. So long as they don’t express it, she doesn’t care if people hate her deep down.)

Which character is the most admirable to the public eye?


Oh Ray for sure. That guy is one of the most humble, down to earth, and smart guys that you’ll ever meet. He’s a role model to everyone, and he’s certainly the subject of definite envy from others.

Which character is stomped all over by others?


Minor character that doesn’t appear until SOS, but she’s a character that people could easily step on and can’t stand up for herself. But people don’t actually step on her, because she has a very protective friend who would kill the person who even touches her. And she’s part of a popular clique, so whatever she lacks in will power she makes up for with friends.

Which character has the most expensive taste?


Um… ooh that’s a good question. The only person who I’d think have some sort of expensive taste is Ross. He worked for Rolex for a while, was a beloved employee, and then he works for an insanely wealthy company. His taste can be expensive, but it’s never overboard.

Which character is the strongest physically?


Channing by far, if we’re talking about strength alone. He’s a minor character that was mentioned in Chapter 2 as the football captain, but won’t become more important until SOS.

Which character is most likely to be sent to boot camp?


I feel like Ray would do great at boot camp for some odd reason. However, I feel like Ramona and Ross would send Randy to boot camp instead, because he needs his hot mess of a self straightened out.

Which character would probably follow random people on Twitter?


Griffin. He’d follow anyone he saw.

Which character is most likely to serve in the military?


I feel like David would be proud to do something for his country, and serve. But at the same time, he’d probably serve in the Swedish military as well (Caitlin’s Swedish).

Which character is most likely to rant for a solid 4 hours?


Winston to Cain about how much he hates Ravenna and the Inquisitors and how he is stuck with her, etc, etc. And Cain would be like, “Can’t you just like…you know…leave?” And Winston would be like, “Kskdhdjdkdjd. It’s more complicated than that. Sjhfjerjjd.”

Which character is the best listener?


Ray and Sonia tied (I feel like they’re tied with each other on a lot of things). Ray would just sit down, listen, try to comfort you if it was bad, and try to give gentle advice. Sonia would listen, ask, “want my honest opinion?” and give it to you whether you like it or not.

Which character hates to open up?


RAVENNA. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she’s emotionally dead on the inside. It’s mainly because of Richard’s influence, which encouraged her since she was 4 to never allow her emotions to show. So opening up to someone is honestly like a nightmare to her. Winston has trouble opening up too, but it’s more about trust issues and he is able to open up to a few people.

Which character cares the most about people’s opinion of them?


Good question. Pete doesn’t care much, because he’s always been really carefree. I think Victoria cares the most. She’s really insecure about that ever since what she’s done to Sophia. So I’d say her.

Which character has the cutest laugh?