Which Character Would Do That?


Awwww, Griffin. His joy is so contagious that it even affects Ravenna. And that’s saying something.

Which character is the most loyal, even if the person they were loyal to was clearly in the wrong?


Sophia’s really loyal, but if she doesn’t agree with your ideology, then that loyalty is going to fade off easily. But if you’re good with her, then she’s loyal, and that loyalty is something you’ll never find in another person.

Which character is the most fierce?


Ooooh, fierce is very subjective. Hm… It depends. Winston and Channing are the most fierce when someone they love is endangered. Winston is the most fierce when his anger is taking over his senses. Ravenna is the most subtly and calmly fierce when angered or triggered in some way. So I guess Winston scores the most overall? Maurice can be fierce anytime if need be, but like Ravenna, he’s calm and subtle.

Which character tries hard in everything they do?


Ray always gives everything his #1, even if people don’t do it back. It’s in his nature to work hard. He’s worked hard making his spotless reputation, and he’s worked hard in making Sophia happy. He swears that if someone touches Sophia, it’ll be over his dead body.

Which character would swear their life to protecting someone?


CAIN. He’d burn the world just to protect Winston.

Which character bluffs the most?


Ahahahahhahaha Pete or Roman. Roman would bluff saying he’s had a bunch of girlfriends. Pete would be like “oh yeah I totally did my math homework!” However, on the inside, “we had homework? oh shi-”

Which character is the most honest?


Draven. He could never be caught in a lie. His honesty is one of the main reasons Ravenna genuinely appreciates him. He’s honest with her in a way that doesn’t hurt her pride, but is still beneficial.

Which character is the most perfectionistic?


Victoria is unhealthily perfectionistic because of the fact that her mom pressured her to be like Sophia, and Caitlin believes she’s pretty much perfect. Victoria tries to make her mom proud by being like Sophia, and it just doesn’t work. It’s the transitive property (holy crap I never thought I’d be using something from math in Wattpad).

Which character is the sloppiest?


:joy::joy: Probably Griffin, because he doesn’t give a crap about how messy he is, as long as the mess is cleaned up eventually.

Which character is the most impatient in a doctor’s waiting room?


I actually don’t even think Sophia hates the doctor’s that much. (I don’t mind it at all tbh. I actually kinda like it. Is that weird?). Randy would be like “can we go home now?”

Which character hates shots?


Yeah, it kinda is. :joy::joy: I really don’t like going to the doctor’s. It’s a real-life nightmare. And probably Ravenna. In her mind, with a very straight and friendly face, she’d be like, “Okay, what are you doing? Did I let you roll up my sleeve?! NO! What happened to consent?! Stop it! Why my right arm?! I write notes and do homework with this arm, dammit! Screw you! I’m sorry I’m not left-handed!”

Which character hates going to the dentist?


Good question. I don’t think Pete likes going to the dentist too much. I don’t like it when they take the pick and clean out your teeth. The feeling of it scratching against your tooth is a nightmare. Pete feels the same way. Plus, braces man. He had them. He hated having the bands changed and the tightening of the springs.

Which character hates when guests come over?


Kieran would probably be the most likely to, because he’s the most reclusive.

Which character knows how to throw a party?


Griffin or Cain. Both would go all out to have fun, even if it’s only for a night.

Which character is the most extroverted?


Probably Aidan.

Which character doesn’t beat around the bush?


Ravenna and Draven. They don’t have time for that.

Which character is the deepest sleeper?


Huh, I’m actually not sure. Maybe Aidan.

Which character has the largest character arc?


I’m afraid that’s a massive spoiler. But there are several characters (if not almost all) that go through some sort of change.

Which character is the most arrogant?


Tirfendiel, however he stops being that way much later…

Which character is most likely to rob a bank?


Cain. He already robs banks and gets away with it.

Which character is the most likely to betray someone they genuinely love?