Which Character Would Do That?


I really feel like Lisa would do that. No matter how much she loves that person, she’d betray them at some point in their life.

Which character could be a poet?


Draven? He’d be pretty decent at it. Better than the others, at least.

Which character would be #1 on the “Top Most Hated” chart at school?


Good question… if he was still at the school, Roman. Since he nearly killed one of the most popular girls at the school, he’s probably the most hated there.

Which character would probably be in an abusive relationship?


Audrey (again, a minor character in SOS) would probably be easily sucked into a toxic, abusive relationship. But Channing would kill anyone who hurted her, so she wouldn’t be in that relationship for long.

Which character intrigues and makes you curious and why? (Because sometimes, as authors, we don’t know every single detail of the backstory of every single character. So basically, who do you want to explore and learn more about?)


Really good question! A lot of the characters intrigue me, to be honest. I really think that Roman makes me curious. I know that’s a horrible thing to say, but I always wonder what drove him to be who he is. Was it his parents? The outside world? I don’t know. I’m curious about his character (btw, for the next questions, I’ll be switching to my chicklit novel that hasn’t been published).

Which character would have a tantrum in the middle of Target?


OOOOOOH. I’m excited for it! Do you know when it’ll be released? Nathaniel, if he can’t buy what he wants, even though he knows he can totally afford it.

Which character is the smartest? (I might be repeating some straight-forward questions, since these are new characters.)


Thank you so much! I don’t know when it will be released, unfortunately. Maybe some time in April? May if it’s bad. Now seeing your reaction, I have more motivation to finish it :slight_smile: . Thank you lovely. And that’s really subjective. I would have to say Dom, my main character’s brother. He’s a smart guy.

Which character can swim?


All the main characters can. Audrey can’t. (And you’re welcome! You and all the other readers of TRR are the reason I’m motivated to finish SOS. :blush:)

Which character is the most stubborn?


Stubborn… ooh, Nicole for sure. Her mom Tanya is a really close tie. Nicole is a really bull headed person, and someone who won’t let her walls down. But, if you do something to her family, then she’s at your mercy. Here, I’ll post the blurb:

From a young age, Nicole’s always been called “Phoenix.” Why? Like a phoenix, Nicole can regenerate after being burnt down to ashes. Each time she regenerates, she becomes an even more beautiful and stronger phoenix than the last. However, when her mother forces her into marriage to solve their financial problems, Nicole is burnt down to almost indecipherable ashes. Can she regenerate into another beautiful, strong phoenix again?

(And btw, Nicole’s my MC, her siblings are Dominic and Elena, and her parents are Robert and Tanya. Some other characters to be introduced are Colin and Mark).

Which character would forget to do the laundry?


You’re honestly spoiling me. :heart: SO EXCITED FOR IT! I love the concept of using a phoenix as symbolism! And Griffin would totally forget to do the laundry. As always. He’d just end up wearing trash bags to school (not that he would mind that).

Which character is the most overprotective?


Awww… thank you! And dude, you’ve spoiled me so much. And you’re so supportive of me and my works, so I thought that you would want to see this one :slight_smile: . Oh, and Robert is the most protective. He’s been there for his three kids all of their lives, so he’d do anything to protect them. He’s dad goals.

Which character would constantly ask their neighbor for a pencil?


Definitely Griffin. Not that anyone would mind. He’s too sweet and adorable to get mad at. Even Ravenna can’t get angry at him.

Which character has the most complicated backstory?


I really think Colin has a really complicated backstory… haven’t decided it yet, but he’s a really complex character.

Which character would apologize 100 times for stepping on someone’s shoe?


Daphne. She’d start apologizing, and the person says it’s fine, then she apologizes some more, then the person says (a bit more impatiently) that they’re fine, then she apologizes some more, then the cycle continues until the other person is like, “Nope. I’m outta here. Bye.”

Which character do you think would be the readers’ favorite?


Lol that’s so me. That’s a good question. Not Colin, that’s for sure XD. I really think that Mark would be the readers’ favorite. He’s a really nice guy, and he’s goals for sure.

Which character would probably have a binder of memes?


Oh, definitely Griffin. He’d display it to Winston too and he’d be like, “What the heck are you doing with your life? I thought you actually wanted to have a future.”

Which character do you think the readers’ would be confused about how they feel for them? (Like Victoria.)


LMAO WINSTON. Good question… I don’t know if there would be anyone who the readers would be confused about… so that’s a good question. I still have to build that character…

Which character would probably write a book?


Cain would write an autobiography book about his life, since the locals seem so curious and into his personal life growing up, because they think his childhood influenced his path (which is very true). So he’d write one just to satisfy them. He’s kinda like a celeb, except he’s known for crime, not art (though he’d totally argue that crime is art if executed well). He’d probably have a ton of slang words and curse words every sentence and a ton of grammar mistakes. I’d feel bad for his editor.

Which character is the most arrogant/stuck up?


Ohohohoho Colin for sure. He’s a stuck up little prick. He believes that he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to everyone in his life, and that he should be knighted. I really wish that he’d die already.

Which character is the most infamous (other than Cain?)


Aw, crap. You know them too well. Did I also mention that Cain’s gonna be in the next chapter this Saturday? :smirk::smirk: And I’d say Ravenna. She’s known for messing with people psychologically, but she gets away with it, because unlike physical torture, psychological is easier to hide and often ignored because it’s all in the victim’s head.

Which character knows their ancestry?