Which Character Would Do That?


HE IS? WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And I think Nicole has a rough makeup of her ancestry. I think her mom is Hispanic, and her dad is Scottish.

Which character is the most violent?


Psychologically? Ravenna with Maurice close behind. Physically? Winston and Maurice but in different circumstances. Winston, because he has anger issues, but he wouldn’t jump at someone unless he was triggered. Maurice, for just about any reason.

Which character is the most uncomfortable with expressing their emotions?


Definitely my MC Pira. poor girl can only express anger and loathing when around anyone she’s not close to. It’s a defence thing.

What character do you love, but think others would hate.


Catrina. She’s an abusive jerk who constantly puts everyone in danger. But she’s fun to write!

Which character would start a fight with someone they’d obviously lose to?


Nathaniel 100%. Isn’t that kinda what he does everyday?

Which character do you like explaining to people the most and why?


I enjoy talking about all of them, but Aidan is the easiest to explain, since he hides the least. Kieran and Raven, on the other hand, have numerous layers of secrets and personality that would each be massive spoilers to unveil.

Which character has the most dangerous lifestyle?


hmmm, probably jacob. he likes using recreational drugs and speeding on highways and hooking up with whatever guy he can find.

which character sucks all of the energy out of the room?


Ravenna. She has the uncanny ability to create tangible tension in a room, without even saying anything.

Which character creates the largest ripple effect?


Kieran, because he has indirect authority over the majority of the world.

Which character is the least patient?


Depends on the situation. Patient with other people or patient in terms of waiting in a line? If it’s the former, then probably Winston. If it’s the latter, probably Draven.

Which character would you never want to bring to life?


My villain, because they’ll most likely be brilliantly depraved, but seeing as I don’t know who they are yet, I can’t really say XD

Which character is the least like you in terms of personality?


Originally, Ravenna and I shared nothing in common at all (looks, personality, background, and pretty much everything else). But eventually, as I developed her more, I started seeing some very subtle similarities. All the characters have some small part of them that relates to me (cuz honestly, doesn’t everyone have something that relates them to one another, no matter how different they are in general?) So the question is a bit complicated. But definitely Griffin, because he’s everything that I am not.

Which character do you relate to the most and why?


I relate to Nicole the most. Nicole was bullied a lot in high school, and just got a lot. She would always feel down and she would belittle herself on her flaws. I feel the same way. I was bullied for the longest time, and I would feel horrible. So Nicole.

Which character would be the worst sibling?


I feel like Maurice would suck as a sibling, but he’d still feel protective over a younger sibling, not out of love (heck, is he even capable of that?), but out of obligation and a desire to preserve his reputation. I mean, he’d suck at being an older brother, but at least he’d be better emotional support than his father.

Which character is the wealthiest?


Colin. He works in a multimillionaire company, and he’s respected by his colleagues. Nicole’s family used to be pretty wealthy, but after her dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and with her mom’s irrational spending habits, their finances grew to be horrible.

Which character would spray perfume in someone’s eyes?


Probably Nathaniel, but not without a beating and a bloody nose (and possibly fractured bones?).

Which character has the best sense of humor?


Aidan, probably, although Raven has a subtle, biting sense of humor that I can really appreciate.

Which character would snipe about some tiny detail?


Ravenna if she thinks that small tiny detail is vital and important.

Which character is the worst person to go to the movie theaters with?


Kieran, probably, because he wouldn’t be able to sit still. It would be a sensory overload for him, poor darling XD

Which character is the most sensitive, emotionally?


Winston, although it doesn’t look like it to outsiders. But really, he’s breaking. He’s as delicate as china, even though he’s used to taking crap.

Which character is the most emotionally strong?