Which Character Would Do That?


Charlie. She’s the most emotionally strong but that’s not saying much because everyone else is a mess. She is pretty laid back though, not letting anything bother her. Unless it comes to Kevin.

Which character would claim they’re almost done with something even though they haven’t started yet?


Griffin. In his mind, he’d be like, “Wait… We had math homework?”

Which character is the most passive aggresive?


R. He’s passive aggressive because he wants everyone to like him yet at the same time he can’t stand people.

Which character would believe in the craziest conspiracy theories?


Griffin wouldn’t believe in them completely, but he’d consider them more than the rest would.

Which character is so blunt that they come off as rude or mean?


Brooke but mainly due to her isolation most of her life, which is why her social skills could use some help

Which character is the most insecure?


Winston 19393883%. He’s like the living definition of “insecure”.

Which character is the best at socializing?


I really have to say Elena, Nicole’s sister. She’s such a social butterfly and she can hold a conversation with literally everyone that she knows. She’s really amazing that way

Which character is introverted?


Draven. He’s definitely a lone wolf. Either he’s working alone or working with Ravenna.

Which character is the most obsessed with their looks?


Nicole could care less about her looks, to be honest. I think Tanya cares the most about her looks. She’s always trying to make sure she looks like a 10 constantly.

Which character is a gold digger?


Ravenna would be one if she weren’t already the rich one in 99% of her past relationships. So she doesn’t completely count. All the ones that I’m thinking about that would actually date someone for their money are all people who are already rich (like Maurice or Nathan).

Which character is the most generous?


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Oh Nicole for sure. She has the biggest heart out of everyone. I actually think that her father and her are tied. He doesn’t have much to give, but he will give what he can. Nicole is the same way. Nicole is almost a copy of her dad. And I’m happy about that because her dad is awesome

Which character would jump rope and then break their ankle?


Ah, definitely Griffin. He’s twisted and broken his ankle more than once. Once because he climbed a tree. At age 15. During track practice.

Which character is the most loyal?


Loyal… Dominic probably (Nicole’s older brother). I feel like even after everything his mother has done, he still has it in his heart to forgive her, because she’s his mother and all that. And he’s really loyal to Nicole. He remembers everything about Nicole growing up. He remembers that her first word was “Dom.” So cute.

Which character is the wisest?


Awww. Wise is subjective. Cain is wise in the sense that he’d been through rough things at a young age enough to understand both the good and bad in life. Richard is wise in the most f—ed up, brain-washed way, but he still gets it. I feel like Ravenna’s mother, Cosima is wiser than I ever gave her credit for. She’s not her husband, nor is she like her daughter. She’s actually a very intelligent, sensible lady.

Which character is the most likely to be abusive in a relationship?


Tanya (Nicole’s mom) is already abusive.Verbally, at least. I don’t think she’s laid her hands on her children a lot of times. Robert’s always around, so he’d make sure she’d never do that ever. Tanya is mentally abusive to her children. Don’t ask me why Robert hasn’t divorced her yet.

Which character would probably torture someone physically for information?