Which Character Would Do That?


That’s rough. And I first thought Ravenna until you specified “physically”. I’d say Maurice would do that. I’m sure he has done that for Ravenna before, even though she definitely disapproves of handling it physically. It’s harder to hide and not as mentally impactful as psychological, so she frowns upon it.

Which character is the most cunning/sly? (Gtg. Goodnight!)


(Night!) Cunning… Colin. I mean putting on a facade like that isn’t easy, so props to him, I guess. But that takes a lot of brains to do that, and talent. So him.

Which character would blast John Legend all day?


Probably Margo given her guilty pleasures

Which character would be willing to go to a concert?


Hmm… this is a hard one. Probably Katy, she’s the only one in the group young enough to be interested

Which character would throw a fit if they lost a game?


Nathaniel. Especially if it’s a soccer game.

Which character is most likely to dye all their hair?


Nicole would probably do that. She’d probably dye it a hot pink color, then hate it, and go back to her normal blonde hair.

Which character would be a brunette?


All of my protagonists except for Clyde, who has black hair. Everyone else is a brunette.

Which character is good at dancing? Or likes to dance?


I feel like Nicole would be a good slow dancer. I’m sure Dom taught her while in school.

Which character would watch TV all day?


Either Griffin or Winston. But I feel like Griffin is very jumpy and can’t stand on the couch for the entire day. He’s a full on extrovert, so he can’t go an entire day without socializing with his friends. If he goes an entire day without human interaction, he drains himself emotionally.

Which character is most likely to slap someone during a verbal argument?


Winter. She’s the kind of girl to bring a gun to a knife fight. lol

Which character would take time out of their day to make someone else feel special/needed?


Awww. Daphne or Griffin would definitely do that, because they both think the world needs to be brighter.

Which character is the most toxic to those around them, without even knowing it?


Charlotte. She can make even the coldest of people feel guilty over anything. Her young age combined with other toxic influences makes her an extremely toxic person to be around, even though her intentions are always pure.

Which character is the most charismatic?


That’s very difficult, because I think a lot of them have the capability. It’ll come down to either Richard or Maurice. Both masters of looking great and powerful on the outside while being shit bags on the inside.

Which character is the best at deception?


Manson starts as the best at deception but than Raye takes his place. She learned from him and he accidently let her surpass him. Haha.

Which character wouldn’t be surprised to wake up next to a dead body?


Cain, probably. He’s seen his fair share of shootings and dead bodies.

Which character acts differently with outsiders than they do to people close to them?


COLIN. (Nicole’s husband). Holy crap, that fake prick. I can’t tell you how he acts around his friends. When they’re gone and Nicole and them are alone, all hell breaks loose. I’ve seen a lot of pricks in my life, but he’s a bloody cactus.

Which character would spend 10 hours on their computer?


(Ahh, I see. How old are Nicole and Colin?) I think that is something Draven would do, but to do work, not play PC games.

Which character would be the teacher’s pet?


(When Nicole gets married, she is 18. Colin would be around 23 at the time. Give or take). I think that Elena would be the teacher’s pet, but not intentionally. She’d just be way too helpful, but not to gain favor or such.

Which character would probably die of suffocation because they were wrapped in their blankets in bed?


(Do I count?) Probably Griffin. He usually buries himself underneath his blankets when he goes to bed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies of suffocation.

Which character is the most flirtatious?


Callie. She does it to be mischievous not to actually attract a date.

Which character would get black out drunk the night before they had something important to do in the morning? (Like a test or big job interview)