Which Character Would Do That?


Winston. Definitely. Especially if there is a test the next day. Because there is a test the next day.

Which character would trip someone down the stairs, then act like they’re innocent?


Aster, she is a small ball of chaos.

Which of your characters would forget to bring an umbrella when they knew there was going to be rain?


Me! Oh wait I’m not a character… I feel like Pete would do that. In a rare thunderstorm, Ray would be like “why didn’t you bring an umbrella?” Pete would be like “I didn’t expect it to be this bad! Whoops!”

Which character would probably learn a foreign language?


They all would, and most do. Each of my MCs knows multiple languages.

Which character is the most traditional?


I’m confused by this question, what exactly is traditional in your eyes?


Tina. She follows every rule and tradition that her family had set unlike her rebellious siblings.

Which character would plan every single detail of their work beforehand?


Nifylus. If she had a middle name, it would be ‘Strategy’.

Which character would never get married?


Ravenna and Winston would never marry. They just aren’t the type to commit that way.

Which character would commit a crime for a friend?


My main character would. He believes if you’re not going to go all out for your friends, why have them in the first place.

Which character would pile up food on their plate, more than they could even eat?


Oh Nicole for sure. Colin barely lets her eat as she pleases, so she’d pile it up like hell.

Which character would fall asleep on the cold tile floor?


Lic, but it wouldn’t be so much falling asleep as much as passing out drunk. Or high.

Which character would stalk someone? (Online or in real life)


Maurice would if he had a reason to. He’d be very subtle and discreet, though.

Which character would kick a trash can out of anger?


Colin if his anger issues got really bad. He’d probably kick a trash can while Nicole would be hiding in a corner.

Which character would probably electrocute themselves changing a light bulb?


Definitely Griffin. Not that anyone in their right mind would let him mount a ladder. He’d probably do it while he’s home alone.

Which character is the most controlling?


Again, Colin. He is so controlling to the point he’s abusive to Nicole in more than one way. Ever since the priest said, “I do,” he’s been controlling her every move and what not.

Which character is the most lenient on punishments? (not Ravenna and Maurice for sure hahaha)


Margo. However, she does get a little more strict as the story progresses, especially since she’s a cop

Which character isn’t liked by the other characters?


Hmmm… Tanya isn’t much liked by her family. Both immediate and extended. I can’t blame them, because she was verbally abusive to Nicole growing up, as she felt Robert (her husband) loved Nicole more than her. Think of it as like the wicked stepmother from Snow White.

Which character is the most delusional?


Ravenna to an extent, because of brainwashing from Richard. She’s been raised to believe in messed up ideologies. (And just to answer your question from earlier, I think that Draven is very lenient. Heck, he doesn’t even punish. He doesn’t believe in that stuff and he’s not that type. He just serves Ravenna and goes along with whatever she decides to do, even if he disagrees with her. People who stereotype their group always wonder what Draven and Griffin are doing with pieces of crap like Ravenna, Maurice, and Winston, cuz keep in mind that people view Winston inaccurately with a label.)

Which character is the most justification for being a piece of poo?


Most justification… good question. In a way, Colin. As for someone who is spontaneous, I haven’t decided why. I will eventually :slight_smile:

Which character has the worst body odor? (weird question lol)


Lol. I actually don’t know. Probably because I’ve never seen them sweat badly because Ravenna never has (she thinks sweat is nasty and would not allow the boys in her presence after P.E.). Not Griffin for sure, because she seems totally fine when he meets up with her after track practice. :joy:

Which character is the most orderly and plans every small detail?