Which Character Would Do That?


I feel like Dom would definitely be the most orderly and perfectionistic. I feel like at Nicole’s LOVE wedding, he’d be yelling at everyone. “NO! THESE FLOWERS ARE 1 CM TOO SHORT!” “NO NO NO! THE AISLE IS NOT STRAIGHT! I WANT MY SISTER TO WALK DOWN IN PERFECTION!” “NO NO NO, THERE IS ONE STRAND OUT OF PLACE. I NEED IT TO BE PERFECT!” Nicole would be like “sigh…”

Which character would go great as a brunette? (other than Daphne)


Hm… Winston would still be good looking with brown hair, because his hair is already a sandy color that borders between dirty blond and a very light brown shade (mostly blond, though).

Which character would go great as a blondie, if they aren’t already?


Nicole is a natural blonde so not her. I feel like Elena would go great blonde, because she’d look like Nicole, and Nicole is really pretty. So Elena.

Which character would hate surgery?


Ravenna. She thinks she’s perfect from head to toe, so if anyone made her do surgery (whether it’s plastic surgery or surgery to save her freaking life), she’d be like, “No, no, you ain’t touching this. This is too perfect to fix.”

Which character is the most impatient?


Lol that’s so me. I feel like Elena would be really impatient, but for a good cause. If Nicole ever got remarried, she’d be like “come on! Hurry up with the wedding planning! I wanna see you get married happily!” Dom would agree. (Side note: Dom and Elena’s names aren’t a reference to the Fast and Furious franchise lol).

Which character would make you a new book cover? (I ask because I made a new one for INI today)


Oooh, excited to see it! I think Daphne would have a good eye for aethetics.

Which character would betray a close and loved friend in a heartbeat?


Aw thank you! It’s already up. Tanya already did that. Hell, she forced Nicole into her marriage to Colin to solve the financial problems. I swear, I hate her so much.

Which character would fly you to Venice for a surprise trip?


Maurice would do that for Ravenna, just to gain some favor and a little bit more than that (if you get what I mean). Richard would also announce a surprise trip like a day or two before they’re supposed to leave.

Which character would lie for the sake of making themselves look better?


I feel like Colin would definitely do that. He would victimize Nicole for being abusive and that she claims he is abusive because he retaliated against her once. That prick

Which character would control their spouse? (This is more directed to Richard’s behavior to Cosima)


Surprisingly, I don’t think Richard controls Cosima much. They actually get along quite well for a couple that aren’t in love (and probably never were). The controlling aspect of the family is more aimed towards Ravenna, because she’s his daughter and he expects only the best from her, because she’s like an extension of him. Maurice would definitely control each and every aspect of his spouse’s life. He’d practically own his wife like she’s his trophy wife (because in his eyes, most of his girls were accessories anyway. Once they stopped satisfying him, he drops them for someone more worthy of temporary attention.)

Which character is the most honest and earnest hard worker?


Alex. He started from the very bottom, but he worked hard to reach where he was. He got a few scars and mental cracks along the way, but they’re the proof that he lived.

Which character needs to shut up?


Nathaniel. Like, just shut up already, dude.

Which character needs to be taught a lesson?


Sayo. Her fight with her former best friend are not just annoying, but unnecessary or justifiable.

Which character got too many problems to handle?


Victoria. She has 99 problems and her own complexity is 98 of them.

Which character would argue a point they don’t actually believe, just for the fun of debating?


Probably Draven, just because he does love a good debate.

Which character acts the most like a parent when they aren’t actually?


Dom for sure. He always feels like he’s the dad of Nicole, and he’s actually like Nicole’s second dad. Elena too, since Tanya was a horrible mom.

Which character would borrow Stewie Griffin’s time machine?


I think a lot of them want to turn back time to fix what they’ve done, but I think both the answer and the reason would be a spoiler. But I think Winston would be tempted to use a time machine, because even though he had personal reasons for joining the Inquisitors, every moment of his life is spent with regret.

Which character has the most regrets in their life?


Tanya for sure. She’d be like “why did I have kids? Why did I get married? WHY?!?!?!”

Which character would cause an explosion from heating up a bag of popcorn?


Griffin. Definitely Griffin. He’s the type who would go to bed and accidentally leave the stove on through the night.

Which character is the most uncertain about what they want in life?


Both Clyde and Jack given the fact they’re alcoholic sociopaths who don’t know how to make up for the great mistakes they’ve made in the past

Which character has traveled the most?