Which Character Would Do That?



Which character doesn’t know how to drive?


Probably Daphne. She carpools a lot.

Which character has trouble expressing themselves?


Peter. He limits the authenticity of his connections to others.

Which character would rather be a cat than a person?


Winston. He’s sick of being human and he’s most especially sick of how much he places value on what others think of him.

Which character is most likely to be controlling in a relationship?


Nicole is already in a controlling relationship… Colin’s watching her every move, whether she likes it or not. That little prick.

Which character comes from a family tree that’s a cactus? (their whole family is a bunch of pricks)


Lol. Ravenna and Maurice both come from cactus families. Why else do you think they’re little cactui themselves?

Which character is the most interested in other cultures?


Nicole. Considering she loves to travel and she’s a very curious girl, she loves exploring other cultures and loves to see what’s there to offer.

Which character would travel the world to try different cuisines?


Definitely Griffin. I think he really wants to do that, but studies and whatnot are limiting his time.

Which character would laugh at a funeral?


Elena because she either couldn’t take the pain, or she despised the person.

Which character would actually see Tanya as a good mother? (an idiot, that’s who)


Definitely. :joy: Um… Winston wouldn’t think she’s a good mother, but he’d prefer Tanya as a mother, because she’s absent. He hates how his mother is always home, so much so that he doesn’t even consider his house “home” anymore. I don’t think anyone would actually legit think Tanya’s a good mother. She was abusive and absent.

Which character would still go to school/work, even if they have a flu? (I’m having a flu & fever right now and it’s Hell.)


Yikes. Get better soon lovely! My mom would force me… damn I’m not a character. Elena would go to school, but I’m sure she’d do it so that she could get her worst enemies sick XD.

Which character would probably literally live under a rock? (not you Winston)


Thank you! Ah, dang it. … I think he’s the only one who genuinely wants to get away from everyone. :joy: So…

Which character is most likely to get a drunken tattoo?


I don’t even think that they even get drunk that often. Nicole never even gets out of the house too much. I think Elena would be reckless like that

Which character would catch the flu from you?


Griffin, because he’s totally the type to hug a sick person. Then wonder why the heck he has the flu now?

Which character would have the best relationship with their grandparent?


Huh… I feel like Nicole would have a great relationship with her maternal grandmother, as she’d be there always when Tanya was absent. But I think she died before Nicole was born. Elena has a great relationship with Robert’s mom. Nicole’s is fine too, but it’s not AS strong. Dom’s is great with his paternal grandpa.

Which character would kidnap Nicole? (random question hahaha)


Cain, but he’d only kidnap to “save” her from Colin. (Yes, he’s on the run. And he took her with him. Because I’m sure Nicole would rather be “kidnapped” by Cain than stay with Colin.)

Which character would throw up in public?


You’re correct.

And on the run? Isn’t he in prison when the prequel is taking place? I think Elena would puke in the middle of a bar, after having too many shots of tequila.

Which character would travel to Antarctica and stupidly forget to bring a parka?


Yes, but if he weren’t in jail, that is what he’d do. Griffin. Definitely. He’s very forgetful.

Which character hates their family (or family member)?


The Wilson siblings don’t like their mom. At all. And the feeling’s mutual. Colin doesn’t really care too much for his family. I’m sure his relationship with his mom is less than bliss. He’s estranged from his brother. Don’t get started on his dad. whistles

Which character is the most huggable?


GRIFFIN. HANDS DOWN. He’s like a cuddly bear.

Which character is the most generally disrespected?