Which Character Would Do That?


Nicole wouldn’t dare disrespect Colin, because that’s like telling your mom, “you are Satan’s daughter, right?” (I’d never do that. I wouldn’t be alive telling you this). I think Tanya is the most disrespected, considering how she treats her family.

Which character loves their kid more than their spouse?


Maurice’s mother, definitely. She chose her minor son over her rich husband in a heartbeat. Richard also loves Ravenna much more than Cosima. I know they’re divorced now, but Winston’s mother always loved Austin more than anyone else in the family.

Which character loves their spouse more than their kid?


Not Nicole, that’s for sure XD. I don’t think anyone does.

Which character loves their whole family equally?


Griffin, definitely. No favoritism whatsoever in their family.

Which character love their other relatives more than their parents?


The Wilson siblings would probably favor their entire maternal family line over Tanya itself. That’s how bad the relationship is.

Which character would bang their head against the wall every time someone said something stupid?


Winston. He does that eventually. Won’t say anymore, though. :blush:

Which character has a better relationship with friends than family?


Dang it. And Tanya. She spends more time with her friends than her actual family.

Which character would probably get peed on by a dog?


Griffin if he gets all over one. I think Winston loves dogs (he honestly remind me of one, because he’s loyal, but can be vicious at times. Plus, his name is a common dog name). He might get peed on too and would lowkey get pissed, but not angry. (Cuz he hates laundry.)

Which character would hate P.E.?


:joy: :joy: . That’s classic! I think Nicole would hate PE. She would probably be bullied for how she acts, and I hate to say that

Which character could be descended from an interesting tribe/ people group?


Pretty sure Griffin is descended from a powerful clan. His surname “Stewart” has royal roots in Scotland. He likes to joke with his friends that he’s the long-lost Prince of Scotland. Winston has Scandinavian blood, so he might’ve descended from some clan. Ravenna knows about her grandfather, but not far enough to know exactly where she descended from (because her surname is a variation, so it’s hard to track down the real ancestry).

Which character has auburn hair?


Auburn hair… that’s a really good question. I don’t even know. Not Nicole. Nicole’s blonde. Dom and Elena are brunettes. I don’t think Colin has auburn hair. I honestly don’t know.

Which character would have Instagram?


Ravenna would have Instagram. My friend once said that she sees Ravenna as one of those people have an Instagram account with a ton of followers, but doesn’t even post anything. And I don’t think she’s completely wrong. I feel like Ravenna would post rarely, but when she does, it’s like the best thing ever.

Which character sweats the most?


Hmm I’m not sure. Maybe the antagonist… whoever that is… XD

Which character would be a social media celebrity?


Hm… I think several have that potential, but for different reasons. Maurice is already famous (ish), thanks to his political father. I could see Griffin being a well-loved social media star, just because he has a light personality that appeals to a lot of people.

Which character would be the center of attention at a club party?


Lol Raven. Mistral too, for that matter.

Which character has the potential to become a famous singer?


Daphne. She’s part of the Choir and has a lovely voice and an even more lovely personality.

Which character would ditch their date at prom and be found making out with someone else?


Ahahah I can see Raven doing this.

Which character is the most charismatic?


Mason is definitely the most charismatic… but he is also very manipulative.

Which character would be most likely to procrastinate?


Winston and Griffin. They do procrastinate often.

Which character is the weakest physically?


Gallien. Paralyzed from the waist down, he is confined to a wheelchair or other mode of transport at all times. He is also quite small for his age, and his bones break easily.

Which character is the most interested in/enthusiastic about food?