Which Character Would Do That?


Nicole’s a total foodie, so it’d be her. She’d try every cuisine available, if she could.

Which character would hate Wattpad?


Ravenna, because her standards are high AF. Most Wattpad stories would not be able to meet her standards (most traditionally published books don’t either), so she’d likely hate it.

Which character would hate the Romance genre?


Lmfao. I don’t know honestly. I don’t think that Robert would like it. He’d think most of the stories are cliche.

Which character would not like After?


Eriseil, she hasn’t the time nor the stomach to watch or listen to mushy tales of infatuation… especially those inspired by silly human music!

Which character would believe in ghosts?


Griffin. He’d lowkey be paranoid at night if he watched a horror movie.

Which character is most likely to get pregnant young?


I don’t know honestly. I think Nicole would get pregnant young, if she got really unlucky when Colin was taking advantage of her. I don’t even know if he uses condoms, or if she’s on birth control. Nicole loves kids, don’t get me wrong, but she never wants one with Colin. Sadly, I think that she could get pregnant easily considering the amount of times Colin has taken advantage of her.

Which character hates needles?


Ravenna. I think she’s fine with having it injected into her (after all, she takes birth control shots every 3 months and is perfectly content), but she hates looking at them. Especially watching it pierce through her skin. It lowkey freaks her out (not that she shows it, of course XD).

Which character is most likely to die young and why?


Good question. Don’t think Robert will die young. He’s survived multiple years of multiple sclerosis. I don’t know about Nicole, because I think Colin knows when to stop when it comes to beating her. I think he stops beating her right before she falls unconscious and poses any risk of dying. But then again, when he’s drunk, he gets a little bit more carried away. Elena… I mean, she’s a total daredevil, but even I think that she’s cautious enough to know what not to do. Dom himself is insanely careful. Maaaaaaayyyyyyyybbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tanya, considering she likes to hang out and drink and whatnot. Liver cirrhosis, it happens.

Which character is the most likely to break their computer?


Griffin. Did you see him just casually drop his backpack in Chapter 2, only to realize his phone was in there? Yeah, if a laptop was in there instead… Whoops. Plus, I think we’ve discussed this regarding phones, but Griffin’s the type to spill water on his electronic device and feel sad that he has to get back up to refill his cup.

Which character is most likely to be an activist? (Of any kind)


Oh, this is definitely Mistral. Kieran and Raven don’t have any shits to spare, and Aidan is a bit too easily distracted, but Mistral is certainly an activist. From animals to human trafficking… yeah, that’s her XD

Which character wouldn’t know what to do with their magical powers?


Winston. He wouldn’t see a point in having any, because it wouldn’t change his situation or make him happier with himself.

Which character is the most romantic?


If Nicole wasn’t married to a jerk, she’d be so romantic. She’d be the most loving girl ever, and people would wonder why they had her.

Which character likes to experiment?


I feel like Kieran likes to experiment–on people, especially.

Which character would make a good scientist?


BAD BOY. I told him not to do that, but he apparently only listens to his main chick. XD And I think Draven would make the best scientist out of all of them. He’s careful, observant, and good at analyzing.

Which character would love school?


Ned loves school. He’s a nerd and does his work.

Which character would absolutely love ‘After’ and try to buy tickets early for the movie?


Damn straight :joy: and to be honest, I think that Raven kind of has a very, very secret obsession with romance movies…

Which character is generally condescending towards everyone?


Hmmm… I’ll have to go with Ivy, although she is not introduced She is like, 80 years old, which is YOUNG for her people’s lifespan. But basically she picked up all of those rules of behaviour and hospitality.

Which character would survive in a desert for the longest time?


Hmm I’m not sure… maybe Raven.

Which character is the harshest on themselves?


Definitely Winston. People have been degrading him for so long that he grew up doing it to himself. 10x more damage than needed.

Which character is the laziest?


If I didn’t know that both Kieran and Raven couldn’t afford to be lazy, they would be my answer. Otherwise… probably Aidan XD

Which character is the most charismatic?