Which Character Would Do That?


I’d say Richard, but he’s too scary to be completely charming. So I’ll say Maurice with Ravenna getting an honorable mention. They act very differently when in front of strangers than they do with people they’re familiar with. At first impressions, one would think Maurice and Ravenna were golden angels (spoiler: they’re the opposite XD)

Which character wouldn’t mind winning 2nd or 3rd place?


I feel like Aidan would be able to go with that; his nonchalant attitude keeps him from being a bad loser.

Which character always has to be right?


Good question… I think Elena always has to be right. Like Sonia, she’s insanely bull headed, and she won’t take no for a bloody answer. She’ll fight, even if she’s like “scheisse I’m wrong aren’t I?”

Which character never takes “no” for an answer?


If it’s something that they want, I don’t think that any of them would take no for an answer lol.

Which character is a control freak?


Oh honey Colin. He’s such a control freak, especially in the fact of his and Nicole’s marriage. He controls everything. Her diet, her appearance, her actions. It’s like a dog on a leash. I swear. (btw, I’m curious, Selah. I feel like I’m pronouncing your name wrong. Is it Sell-uh or Seal-uh ? I’ve always said the second option). Update: oh no I just upset someone who is one of my longest friends on here. Damn you Shree, being your idiotic self. I’m sorry if I angered you, Selah. Another update: Nope, I was just being paranoid. Whoops

Which character would have 9999 reads and scream over that one read?


Ravenna. Let’s be real here. She’d rage (internally, ofc) about that one missing read. She’s a perfectionist.

Which character would never arrive late to an event?


Dude, Nicole. I swear, that girl is so punctual. She’d arrive to someone’s house, and she’d be so early that the person was still in the shower.

Which characters from Phoenix and SOS would hate each other?


Colin and Cain. Don’t think I gotta explain. (Holy cracker, that rhymed!) Also Winston would hate both Colin and Tanya. Ravenna wouldn’t like Nicole (cuz competition), but she wouldn’t hate her if they never talk.

Which character first comes to mind when you think of “savior”?

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That’s kind of a spoiler… (you wanted spoilers, didn’t ya? XD)

Which character would hit on Robert?


:joy::joy: Lol. Ya caught me. Robert’s an older, ill man, so I don’t see the point of anyone trying to flirt and take advantage of him. Ravenna would only flirt if she had something to gain: from Robert, she can’t take anything. She’s the only one who popped to mind, but even she wouldn’t. I can’t see anyone doing so.

Which character is homophobic? (If any.)


Colin’s mind is more closed off than the vault at a bank, so him. He’d be like “ewww, I hate gays. They’re stupid.” Nicole’s a total supporter for LGBT rights, so she’d be like “you motherfu-,” but she’d stop there, because she doesn’t want to die.

Which character would curse someone out in another language? (I do this all the time)


Griffin (if he knew another language that is, but he doesn’t). So you know what he’d do instead? Spit curse words in his own language. More commonly known as gibberish. He’d call a douche a “kwdidhsj” and Nathaniel a “aooebee”. (Yes, I typed randomly for that. Because that’s exactly what Griffin is: random. But I honestly used to do that too. XD)

Which character would flip off a teacher when they turn away?


Lmfao. I’d say things like “oy saale kuthe chup karo madarchod.” (I dare you to look that up XD). I think Elena would do that, ESPECIALLY to the teacher that she despises. Then, she’d run away, and Dom would be standing there like “heh?”

Which character would dare someone to say what I just said?


LMAO. Winston or Cain, definitely. Do I really need to explain why? XD

Which character would be so angry that they just end up spitting gibberish that makes zero sense?


(did you translate it XD). Lmfao Elena. She’d spit a mix of Spanish-Norwegian-English whatever bull crap that is. Dom would be like “what the hell you speaking dude?”

Which character would wash so much laundry that they’d use up the whole town’s water?


Lol, I did. But the Internet seems to be contradicting itself XD The only thing I gathered was that it was along the lines of “shut up” and something else. According to Google Translate, it said “shut up and down the throat”, so I was like, lol, is this actually accurate? XD And other sites said some other things, but they all seem to argee with “shut up”. And Winston and Cain would totally say that. XD

And I think only Cosima would do the laundry that often. XD I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this family was obsessed with cleaning and organization.

Which character would be the best creative writer?


Lmfao that’s actually really hilarious. I said something along the lines of “bloody bastard shut up you motherf*cker.” (that’s extremely tame when it comes to Indian curses) I think Nicole would be a great writer. She’s very creative, and has lots of inspiration that way.

Which character would die laughing as I insulted someone with that?


DEFINITELY WINSTON AND CAIN. :joy::joy: Griffin would just collapse off his chair and onto his head if he heard that. Like seriously. He’d laugh so hard, he wouldn’t be able to breathe. (That’s happened to me before and it was so scary, because I couldn’t stop and inhale even a bit of air.)

Which character would have a stone, unamused face when someone makes a funny joke?


XDDDDDDDDDD I could’ve gone a lot worse. Huh. Elena’s not the kind of person to laugh like that. If something was really funny, then she’d bite her lip and try not to laugh.

Which character would learn another language so that they could just curse someone out and watch them stare in confusion? (Winston and Cain?)


Definitely. Griffin would be tempted to do that too. Ravenna wouldn’t, because she’d just cuss them out in English to their face so she makes sure they understand that they’re being cursed at.

Which character would quote Shakespeare daily?