Which Character Would Do That?


I always joke that Shakespeare wrote in Old Icelandic just to screw with people. Dude, Dom is kinda the nerdy guy of the bunch. He’d quote Shakespeare in the middle of the day, with like no apprehensions, and everyone would be like “what now?”

Which character is the nerdiest? (Ok Draven no)


DAMMIT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Okay, besides the ultimate nerd of nerds, I’d say Ravenna. She’s lowkey a nerd. She enjoys good literature and complex movies and games or brain exercises that make her think deeply. But say that to her face and she will murder you.

Which character loves sports?


Um… Nicole’s a huge fan of softball, and so is Dominic. Nicole was on the softball team when she was in high school. Dom was the first one who taught her how to play, and how to have a good swing and a good arm for pitching. Elena’s more of a basketball girl. She’s a tall person, and she’d be great at basketball.

Which character would probably bleed to death?


Given the fact my stories are pretty violent, I’d say all of them have a chance of that…

Which character would change everything about themselves to please someone else?


Nicole technically already does that. She’s already kinda forced to by Colin as he made her cut her hair, dye it, and kinda follow a strict diet to “please” him.

Which character would give up everything for someone?


That would probably be Reese. She’s totally ready to give up her entire life for someone who barely knows she exists.

Which character would rise from the dead simply out of spite?


Both the hero and villain of my story do that exactly!

Which character would everyone assume has some kind of mental disorder?


Felix Le would be the most likely to be assumed diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Which character would memorise Disney songs in their spare time?


This would be Kat. She’d probably memorise them just so she could say that she did. Or, so she could terrorise people at karaoke.

Which character would prefer to cheat than to lose or fail?


Manny, definitely. Wouldn’t depend on anything, he’d cheat to win against anyone. Roy would only if he’d be losing against Manny.

Which character would sleep through their alarm clock?


Dom is a really heavy sleeper, so it would be him. Elena would be like “Dom, don’t you have work?” He would be like “mmm, yeah, why?” Elena would be like “it’s 9 am” and dom would be like “oh shi-“

Which character would wake someone up if they slept in?


Mistral would; she’s the ‘mom’ character. She might just kick them out of bed, though–literally XD

Which character would jump off a cliff for a dare?


Griffin. Not really a surprise. He’s a bit stupid and reckless that way.

Which character would do something douchey to someone on purpose, only to feel bad afterwards?


Aidan lol. If you were fishing for a closer view of Kieran’s moral state, he would, and has, done douchey things to people, but he certainly doesn’t feel bad about it afterwards :joy:

Which character is the most multifaceted?


Lol, don’t worry, I didn’t expect him to be an answer. :joy::joy: And I’d say Draven is the most multifaceted, partly because he tries hard in everything he does, making him more well-rounded than others.

Which character likes to whine the most?


I feel like this would be Aidan, once more XD

Which character is most likely to be a serial killer?


James, my antagonist. Out of my MC’s, that’s most likely to be Jules. Of course, she’d mainly be killing horrible excuses for humans, though.

Which character would call a ‘sickie’ just to stay home and watch re-runs?


Griffin. I don’t doubt that he’s done that before. Watching either re-runs of the Olympics (track and field) or Spongebob. Maybe both.

Suppose there was a large knot in a rope. Which character would rather cut it with a knife than to take the time to untie it?


:rofl::rofl: Spongebob. Oh, Griffin. :laughing: Hmm, that would probably be Porter if he’s in a can’t be fecked mood. Maybe Jules come to think of it. She’d be like “screw using my nails.”

Which character would not make a wish when blowing out the candles on a cake? Why?


Ravenna. Because she thinks her life is already going to be tip-top perfect, because she herself is tip-top perfect. :joy: (Also, currently listening to 7 Rings. Coincidence?)

Which character would hurt themselves to purposefully make someone else feel worse? (Basically revenge.)