Which Character Would Do That?


:rofl::rofl: I can’t listen to that anymore without thinking of her. Seriously, running on the treadmill this morning, and my brains thinking about Ravenna :laughing:

Hmm, good question. None? Jules would never allow herself to get hurt, she’d just hurt or torture them. Avery couldn’t fathom doing that to anyone in the group, especially not to Porter who already feels bad when she is hurting. Porter just wouldn’t bother, he’s always pushing forward.

Which character would tattle tail on someone for cheating on an exam?


Good question. I actually can’t see any of them doing that. But Ravenna would be offended, because she’s over here working for her great-ass test scores, while these low scum are cheating for scores higher than hers that they don’t even deserve. Griffin would be like a little kid in shock, but he wouldn’t tattle. Draven would be a mix of Ravenna and Griffin, but he’d keep the secret and not tell anyone. Winston would be like, “Lucky freaking mofos…” (Lol, I think that I’m obsessed with 7 Rings because I always think of Ravenna. It’s actually a song on my Ravenna playlist. Yes, I have a playlist dedicated to her. :joy:)

Which character would trip someone (by sticking their leg out) for running down the hallway?


:rofl: Now that you’ve said that, I just know I’m gonna find myself trying to workout that list. Given the amount of your readers on here, you could almost start a character game based on her.

:joy: I would! Oh, you mean which character… :laughing: Avery probably wouldn’t. Porter would, if he really didn’t like them. Not to be mean, simply to teach them a lesson about running inside :wink: This is one of the few times that he’d be petty, but who could resist seeing them go flying?

Which character would fly 8hrs for their trusted hairdresser / favourite meal, just to have to fly back straight after?


:joy::joy: True. Ravenna would be too lazy for that. She hates long flights that surpass 6 hours. She also does her own hair. The only person I could see doing that is Maurice if it’s a special occassion, except he’d tell his hairdresser to come to him instead, not the other way around.

Which character would rather take cold showers than hot ones?


shudders Kieran would probably enjoy ice baths, too, the masochist.

Which character hates work of any kind?


Oh, wow, Kieran’s a masochist. Why am I not surprised? Winston hates work. All forms of it.

Which character is the most dominant one in a relationship?


Oh, umm, most of their relationships are fairly well balanced. It’s not written yet, but I know who Jules will likely end up with. It’s an interesting one, he loves to be organised and calculated. She calculates at high speeds, which makes it seem like she is super impulsive. Wait, maybe she is just impulsive :laughing: It will be difficult for them to work as a team as they’re both the dominant leader type, yet work at a different speeds and with a different level of morals.

Which character would exhaust them self doing physical activity, such as a marathon or work, just to prove themselves?


Aidan might feel like he would need to do something like this prove himself. Raven would, too, but mostly she’d do it for an ulterior motive.

Which character is the most eccentric?


Eris is probably the most eccentric. She has a lot of strange obsessions and sometimes people around her doubt her sanity.

Which character would be most likely to run for President?


Actually my character Devon Caliber was the final President of the United States…emphasis on “final”…

Which character would most likely cause the apocalypse?


I can see Kieran making this happen XD

Which character is most likely to die tragically?


Probably Cain, considering his dangerous profession puts him at risk to be shot or stabbed everyday.

Which character is most likely to participate in a rumble?


Aidan lol. In fact, he would probably start one.

Which character would betray their friends?


Ravenna if she had a good reason to benefit from it. Depends on who it is too, because she doesn’t exactly consider anyone a “friend”. If it were Draven, she’d feel a bit guilty (wow, what a rarity), because he’s shown her nothing but loyalty and companionship. If it were Winston, she’d be thrilled to betray him. She wouldn’t even need a reason for it. She’d do it, just because she hates him and his attitude towards her.

Which character would rely on denial as a defense mechanism?


Aww shit really?? Damn, there goes that ship XD and Kieran would, the smol child.

Which character do you find yourself rooting for, even if they’re not the most moral?


Lol. If character development becomes a thing, maybe the ship has a chance. XD Awwwww, Kieran, my smol beanie. XD Bump mai boi up another 10%. (52.02% now, I believe?) And I think I lowkey root for Ravenna and Maurice, as twisted as they are. But I also lowkey hate Maurice too.

Which character do you feel the least of an emotional connection to?


Dawww yessssss!!! ship resurfaces 52.02% it is ;)) and I think that my answer for this is Mistral. I don’t know… I just never really connected with her. Although, she’s stubborn; that’s one thing we have in common. Probably one of the only things, though.

Which character would be a good artist (painter, potter, sculptor, etc.)?


LMAO. Draven. He’s very careful about the little details and is the type who’s willing to take time to craft something to perfection.

Which character do you adore the most and why?


Ohoho Elena. I love her. She’s such a great sister, and you can tell she really loves Nicole with all her heart. She’s the best

Which character do you think has changed the most?


Clyde without a doubt. He even changed his name for crying out loud; it was originally Travis. He went from immature kid with an uncontrollable temper to cynical and cold-hearted and then emerged as the brave yet dark-humored hero with a heart of gold he always dreamed of becoming.

Which side character do you like the most and why?